How Richard Sherman Can Put His Life Back Together

"He's going to think that he's a failure. And he's really not. He hasn't ruined everything."
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I recently interviewed mental health expert Dr. Wendy Talley about Richard Sherman's breakdown and arrest. Here's what Dr. Talley said.

Dr. TALLEY: "If I was his therapist, I would ask him, 'What do you think you have ruined? How can we turn this into something positive? You have an opportunity, you stand on the shoulders of other people in your field who have come out in support of other athletes and their mental wellbeing. How can you utilize your platform to help other athletes and stay connected within the system so that you can still be able to give back?' 

"He needs to understand what his purpose is. That was something that happened and we will work through that traumatic event. Because it's going to be hard for him. He's going to think that he's a failure. And he's really not. He hasn't ruined everything. We have to look at it as something traumatic has occurred. How can we heal through that and see a new purpose in your next life? Because you're not going to go anywhere, but you may have to just pivot your career and look at something different. 

"That's what I would do, because I don't want him to feel defeated. I wouldn't want him to feel like his life is over because I have to be mindful of his mental state, possible depression and being suicidal. And I would ask him to allow me to work with him and his family. Let's not forget that he has children, and those children somehow witnessed all of that occur. That family needs family counseling. It also was assumed that there may have been some domestic violence issues in that relationship prior to the big blowup, so I would need to address the safety issues, and I would want to treat not only him but the entire family."

You can watch the full interview below.