Should the 49ers Include Javon Kinlaw in a Trade for Deshaun Watson?

Peter King got me thinking.
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Peter King got me thinking.

In his latest article, he proposed a preposterous seven-for-one trade between the 49ers and the Houston Texans, in which San Francisco 49ers would send Fred Warner, Mike McGlinchey, Jimmy Garoppolo, a first-round pick in 2021, a first-round pick in 2022, a second-round pick in 2021 and a third-round pick in 2022 to Houston for Deshaun Watson.

Why is this hypothetical trade preposterous? Because the Texans never would accept it. It's not enough. It essentially is two first-round picks and Warner, who's worth a first-rounder, and then a couple Day 2 picks, and then Garoppolo and McGlinchey.

Maybe the Texans would take Garoppolo in the deal as a short-term bridge replacement for Watson. But why would they want McGlinchey? He's not good, and he's not worth much. Maybe a fifth-round pick. He simply doesn't move the needle in this trade. He's a throw in. Literally the least valuable of the seven assets.

So, King tried. Give him credit. He even called McGlinchey a cornerstone player, which is rich.

How about we replace McGlinchey in the hypothetical trade with another former first-round pick who still has value?

I'm talking Javon Kinlaw.

Kinlaw was the 14th pick in last year's draft. Lots of teams gave him first-round grades, so lots of teams still should like him, even though he didn't produce during his rookie season. Teams will say he was just a rookie, and he didn't have OTAs or minicamp, and he still has potential.

As opposed to McGlinchey, a known bust.

The Texans most likely will wait until after June 1 to trade Watson, so they can save $15 million in cap space. Meaning it's still possible Watson will land on the 49ers. Maybe the Texans would be interested in a trade package that includes Kinlaw -- they certainly need a defensive tackle to replace J.J. Watt. 

Something to think about.