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One of the great strategic bonuses of free agency is teams signing a player from a divisional rival helps them in two ways.

They can hurt the opponent and also strengthen themselves.

The Bears found out all about this when the Green Bay Packers signed safety Adrian Amos in 2019 free agency. Eddie Jackson hasn't been the same player since he had Amos in the secondary with him. The Packers secondary began to ascend and is now deep and talented.

Would it work this way by signing away a Packers coach? That's probably not the case if the Bears were to sign Nathaniel Hackett as their head coach because the Packers have other coaches they could promote and head coach Matt LaFleur would still be there. 

Of course it could elevate the Bears.

Hackett, the son of longtime NFL coordinator Paul Hackett, is a vital part of the Packers offense as an organizer and also someone all the players love for his unique sense of humor. He's a true renaissance man, as a hip-hop dance instructor and neurobiology major who nearly became a doctor. Hackett regularly has players in stitches in Green Bay at training camp or practices with his schtick.

He's also a pretty good coach of offense, and is particularly effective at blending the running game with the pass. 

This is something the Bears lacked badly under Matt Nagy. 

Hackett is so good that when he had draft bust Blake Bortles as his quarterback while OC at Jacksonville in 2017, they somehow managed to finish 17th in passing and sixth in overall offense. That was the same season they led the NFL in rushing at 141.4 yards a game and went to the AFC title game.

Hackett has had similar output from other offenses, like finishing second as a team in rushing with C.J. Spiller as his top ground gainer in 2013 in Buffalo or in Green Bay by finishing second, first and first at committing the fewest turnovers. Having Aaron Rodgers at quarterback doesn't hurt in this regard, obviously, but the Packers ground game always seems to be able to ignite when needed.

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The 24 turnovers committed by the Packers in 2019-20 were the second fewest in league history for a two-year span. They had 19 games in those two years without a turnover.

Hackett doesn't call plays, obviously, with LaFleur doing it. However, he has done it in the past with Buffalo and Jacksonville.

Hackett is like many of the coaching candidates the Bears have on their list so far in that he is being pursued by other teams.

In fact, only Brian Flores from the list of known potential Bears coaches has not been pursued by other teams. 

The Denver Broncos are enamored with Hackett, according to Mile High Huddle, although there's much more to this than simply liking him as their coach.

Unless Rodgers also goes with Hackett to another team in another division or conference like Denver, the Bears could be doomed to  facing their so-called owner, the dreaded No. 12, twice a year for however many years he wants to keep playing.

However, it's possible they might benefit greatly simply by signing away his offensive coordinator. 

Considering Hackett's Packers have scored an average of 33 points in their last five games against the Bears, it couldn't hurt.

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