Todd McShay's Mock Draft Has Ironic Bears Twist

Ryan Pace might have some reservations about making this deal in reality but ESPN's draft guru has found a deal for him to make in Round 1 in order to obtain a quarterback.
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Maybe Todd McShay has a strange sense of humor.

The ESPN senior writer and draft guru has published his post-Super Bowl first round mock draft and it includes trades.

The trade he found for the Bears is enough to make Ryan Pace's head spin.

In this mock draft, the first four picks went for quarterbacks.

Losers apparently in the Carson Wentz trade for this mock's purposes, the Bears needed a quarterback. So McShay made a trade for them to get one. No problem there.

He made a Bears trade to move up and select Mac Jones, Alabama's quarterback.

No problem there, either.

Jones was impressive in the national title game as well as at the Senior Bowl practices, although he didn't play in the actual all-star game due to an ankle injury.

The humorous part? McShay had Pace and the Bears trade up with the San Francisco 49ers at No. 12 to select Jones.

It was GM John Lynch and the 49ers who dealt the second pick of the draft to the Bears in 2017 so they could select Mitchell Trubisky. Meanwhile, the 49ers took away a cartful of draft picks the Bears really didn't need to give up. Pace has been ridiculed for this move ever since it occurred while Lynch came away looking like a genius or thief, depending on if you lived in the Chicago area.

The Bears give up the 20th pick in Round 1, their second-round pick (No. 52) and a 2022 first- or second-rounder in this mock trade.

McShay said the picks were based on what the "traditional trade-value chart expects," for a move up of eight spots at that point in Round 1 of the draft. He suggested the 49ers GM would throw in a mid-rounder to sweeten the deal for the Bears to complete the trade.

Based on what happened in the past, don't bank on that last part.

McShay's assessment of Jones: "Jones had a fantastic 41-to-4 TD-INT ratio and led the nation in Total QBR at 96.1. He anticipates well and has a nice touch on his deep throws, and Chicago would hope he can spark one of the NFL's least efficient offenses."

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