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Wait and See Say Justin Fields and Bears

How long before shoulder injury heals and exactly what it is are next matters for Justin Fields.

When Justin Fields got hit at the sidelines on the first play of the final Bears drive, Bears receiver Darnell Mooney had a good view of what happnened next. 

It wasn't what he wanted to see The Bears quarterback suffered a left shoulder injury and it was obvious.

"You could see it when he was walking back to the huddle," Mooney said. "You know, he kind of like sucked it up and got the playing going and was ready for the play."

Of course he did. It's what Justin Fields does. However, the Bears quarterback obviously was affected and then took another hit to the right side sliding on the next play before he threw the game-ending interception in a 27-24 Bears defeat.

It wasn't Fields' first issue with injuries in the game. Every time he went to the sidelines late in the first half and then into the second half, he was being massaged on his legs.

"I was cramping pretty much the whole fourth quarter," Fields said. "So just playing through cramps and stuff like that."

It was the last drive when he really needed to be healthy, though.

Fields had already thrown for a 16-yard touchdown to Darnell Mooney, run in from 4 yards behind what seemed like the entire roster blocking, and then led the 13-play drive to David Montgomery's tying 3-yard TD in the fourth quarter.

This time they weren't going to even need a touchdown for Cairo Santos to make a PAT. Santos could simply tie it on a field goal, and they had their timeouts remaining with 1:47 remaining.

Luke Getsy started the drive like it was the first quarter, and had Fields run it on a sweep. Rookie linebacker Troy Andersen came upo and diagnosed it well. He wrapped up Fields near the sideline and the left shoulder clearly bothered the Bears QB.

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After team medical personnel looked at Fields and they called a timeout, Fields was ready to continue.

"Yeah, I was hurting, but again, it was the last drive of the game," Fields said. "So I just tried to be there for my teammates and fight through the pain."

He ran again on the next play up the middle for 4 and slid, and after sliding he took a hit to the right side with no Falcons penalty for a late tackle. Fields acknowledged the hit came after he slid.

Fields also said the injury affected his throwing motion even though it was the other shoulder, and he did overthrow a wide open David Montgomery on the next play, resulting in a tipped pass and a game-deciding interception.

No one was expressing frustration afterward with Fields failing to move it for the fifth straight time on a final drive.

"He's a big reason why we do a lot of good things on offense," Mooney said.

Now it will be a waiting game, to see the exact injury and also the extent of it.

"Like, the pain right now is pretty bad," Fields said afterward. "But again, I'll just take it day by day and see how it feels at the end of the week."

That is, unless something doctors see on their examinations indicates he needs more time.


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