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Something's Odds: Buffalo Bills vs. Titans - 5 Keys to Win on Monday Night

Something about a certain number feels all wrong - and is one of our “Five Keys to Win” in Titans at Bills.
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The Buffalo Bills are whopping 9.5-point favorites as they face off at home on Monday night against the Tennessee Titans …

And something about that number feels all wrong - and is one of our “Five Keys to Win” in Titans at Bills.

1- TOO MANY POINTS? The Titans might at least temporarily be sinking as a program, or maybe are suffering from a playoff hangover from last season.

But 9.5 points? That would be notable because coach Mike Vrabel's guys almost never get blown out.

Maybe it’s Derrick Henry ball control or Ryan Tannehill risk reduction or sound defense. But the Titans lost to the Giants in Week 1 at the buzzer and by one point. And the 2021 Titans lost by double-figures only twice.

More close feels more right.

2- DECLINING DERRICK? In Week 1, the Bills beat the defending Super Bowl champ Rams in part by eliminating the LA run game.

What is it going to take to “eliminate” Derrick Henry?

Retirement, probably.

A year ago, Henry put up a 20-carry, 143-yard performance against Buffalo that featured a 74-yard run. To us, the idea that the 6-4, 245-pound star is about to run out of gas seems like wishful thinking. 

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Buffalo’s short-handed interior defense will need to do more than “wish.”

3- SHOULD JOSH RUN? Speaking of oversized “unstoppable” running threats, Bills QB Josh Allen should not repeat his Week 1 performance as his team’s leading rusher.

Risk/reward, guys.

4- GOING WITHOUT GABE? Gabe Davis has an ankle problem, which feeds to one of Buffalo’s great strengths.

Rookie Khalil Shakir? Veteran Jamison Crowder? More Stefon Diggs?

Yes. That’s it. More Stefon Diggs.

5- COACHING EDGE? Because Sean McDermott is “better” than Mike Vrabel?

Maybe, but no. Something else.

The Bills’ first game was on Thursday, Sept. 8. That’s 11 days of healing for all the Von Millers and Jordan Poyers on the roster … and it in an accepted NFL fact odf life that good coaches become great coaches with extra prep time.

The 1-0 Buffalo Bills have a chance to be “great” tonight.

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