Finding Broncos: Caleb Farley | CB | Virginia Tech

Finding Broncos scouts the 2021 NFL draft class to find the best Mile High fits. What's the scoop on Caleb Farley and how would he fit in Denver?

Welcome to Finding Broncos, our annual prospect-by-prospect series deep-diving on the coming NFL draft class. The scouting continues with Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley, one of the prospects most often mocked to the Denver Broncos. 


  • Height: 6-foot-2
  • Weight: 197 pounds




  • Has excellent athleticism and fluidity to be an NFL corner
  • Best in an off-zone coverage scheme, allowing him to keep plays in front of him and read the QB
  • Has the versatility to play in any scheme
  • Possesses really good length to wind himself around the receiver and contest the catch point
  • His tackling is solid, though it could be more consistent
  • Makes his presence felt whenever he's in coverage 
  • Former high school QB, which helps his ability to read and break down developing passing concepts
  • Isn’t afraid to come down and help against the run and is physical in all aspects of his game
  • His length is elite and he knows how to use it
  • Can stop on a dime and change direction, which really shines with his off-coverage and his click-and-close
  • The most athletically and versatile corner in this class with solid technique already
  • Outstanding ball skills
  • Was able to garner trust early from coaches and never lost it which is revealed by his wealth of experience being left on an island with no help 
  • His base, backpedal, and footwork are all outstanding from a technical standpoint
  • Zero character concerns or off-field drama

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  • Opted out in 2020, which left many questions unanswered
  • Has some medical history that needs to be vetted which resulted in totaling just 23 games of experience
  • His few missed tackles could be helped by improved tackling technique 
  • Will need some work with timing the catch point to make him even more potent with pass break-ups and getting interceptions
  • No big negatives on the football field, just areas he could refine to be even better


Farley is the top cornerback in the class based largely on his athleticism, versatility, and technical base. While the medicals are a concern, there haven’t been major concerns brought up in conversations I've had in the scouting community. 

Farley opted out of the 2020 college season but spent the time working to improve. Unfortunately, we have no way to see how much he may have improved due to the cancellation of the NFL Scouting Combine. 

Farley's lack of experience isn’t a major concern as he had two years of good play, one of which was at an elite level. That is an upward trend you want to see sustained in the NFL. 

Fit With Broncos

Farley's ability to play in any scheme would help him survive any potential coaching changes in Denver and still thrive on the football field. There isn’t anything to really be concerned about with Farley and where he lands, he should be able to see success right away in the NFL.

Grade: Round 1

Where he Goes: Round 1

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