Kevin Stefanski Supports J.C. Tretter, Virtual Workouts

Cleveland’s Coach Stefanski has worked with J.C. Tretter, helping make the best of virtual workouts and always adapting.

When Kevin Stefanski took over the Cleveland Browns he was immediately thrown into a situation with a lot of change. Not a person in the league had dealt with the difficulties of running a team during a pandemic until the last year came through.

Through it all Stefanski did a remarkable job, probably more than what should have been expected out of a first year head coach - in those certain circumstances. Combined with the work of Andrew Berry, the Browns are in a great situation when it comes to leadership within the team.

Included, is center J.C. Tretter who represents players across the league. Tretter has a had a hand in how things will be handled moving forward with workouts and such.

“He’s very transparent. I’m very transparent. This program is voluntary. We’re in day two of phase one. It’s a virtual program that I think guys are doing a nice job with. We’ll deal with anything else that comes down the road. I’m just going to make sure the communication continues between JC and really any of the players and myself,” Stefanski said Tuesday.

Stefanski was quick to point out that he would love for everything to be normal. As any good coach does, he adapts. Adapting and overcoming hurdles only makes the road tougher, but the prize bigger. Dealing with virtual workouts at the moment isn’t easy, but there is not time to dwell.

“I would love to see our guys on the grass. There's no coach that wouldn't love to coach their guys. That's very, very obvious. But I'm going to respect the process, respect the position and let those things play out,” said the Browns head coach.

The ability to deal with whatever has been thrown their way has worked out so far in Stefanski’s tenure, there’s no reason it won’t now with these workouts. The team will be on the field come time for training camp, which is always most pivotal.