Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon Are Teammates Once Again

Former Browns’ teammates Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon will once again be teammates in the Fan Controlled Football League.
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Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon will be teaming up again very soon. Manziel is a quarterback in a league called Fan Controlled Football. The team name is the FCF Zappers, the same team in which just signed Josh Gordon to a contract to make the two teammates for the first time since 2015.

Manziel has bounced around multiple football leagues since seeing his NFL career end quickly after spending 2014-2015 with the Cleveland Browns. Manziel has since spent time with The Spring League, CFL and Alliance of American Football.

Josh Gordon has seen more than his fair share of trouble off the field. The NFL suspended him indefinitely recently, so there was no chance he was ever going to play for the Seattle Seahawks, a team he has been with since 2019. Gordon has seen success in the league and at it’s highest he was very good. But, when the troubles keep you off the field it does not mean much.

In five total years with the Browns, Gordon was good for 3,106 yards and 16 touchdowns. That includes the season in which Gordon had nearly 1,700 receiving yards. Gordon missed 45 games in those five years with the Browns, mostly due to suspensions.

Players in the FCF league make between $1,600-$3,000 a month, not much of a financial incentive as it is a small startup league.

This move for both of the former Browns’ teammates likely will be short livid and won’t last long. Neither player has been able to stick around very long - in any of their past ventures. It comes as a low-risk and low-reward for the two, the best thing is they get to play football again.