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Right to be Angry?: Impact of Buccaneers Tom Brady Conversations with Dolphins

How reactions to the news the Bucs quarterback engaged in meaningful talks with Miami may differ.

The Miami Dolphins have been found guilty of tampering with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, twice. 

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Once when he was still leading the New England Patriots during their two decades of dominance in the NFL, and again while he was trying to take his Bucs squad to a second-straight Super Bowl. 

All of that, among other things, according to a report of findings following an investigation into the Dolphins organization after former head coach Brian Flores made several accusations about the inner workings of the franchise. 

"The Dolphins again had impermissible communications with both Mr. Brady and his agent during and after the 2021 season, while he was under contract to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers," the league found. "Those discussions began no later than early December 2021 and focused on Mr. Brady becoming a limited partner in the Dolphins and possibly serving as a football executive, although at times they also included the possibility of his playing for the Dolphins."

So, the next question is, how do those in and around the Tampa Bay organization react. Well, that answer is different for each group. 

Let's examine. 


How should fans feel about Brady talking with the Dolphins? Make no mistake, again to quote the findings, "...communications with both Mr. Brady and his agent...", you quarterback had multiple talks with another NFL team about leaving his current squad for theirs. 

But how hurt should Bucs fans be, if at all?

Well, that depends on how much loyalty you expect from a mercenary.

Make no mistake about it, Brady came to the Buccaneers to win games, not because he loved the team growing up or had long-reaching bonds with the coaching staff, players, or the city of Tampa itself. 

Should the fans be upset? No. They should be happy it didn't work and Brady is locked in trying to get Tampa Bay back to a Super Bowl, once again. 


The media has been told directly or through inference on several occasions, that there was nothing to the reports that Brady was in talks to join the Dolphins or that his 'retirement' may have been the first move in doing just that. 

Well, turns out that was all at a minimum an effort to mislead, and at worst a flat-out lie. 

I don't have to tell any of the veterans in the media world that getting half-truths or even lies from players, coaches, and organizations is part of the world we operate in. They've already learned that by now. 

But remember this the next time you want to lash out at a member of the media for not taking what's said at face value. 

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Should the media be upset? To provide honest reporting, you need honest information. 

But to think we can control the motives and integrity of those we cover is illogical. Additionally, asking someone to publicly admit to playing a part in rules violation ahead of investigations and evidence is not realistic.

So I don't know if anger is the right word. Disappointed, maybe. 

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Let's be honest here, as Evan Closky of WTSP 10 Tampa Bay said recently on the Locked On Bucs podcast if this team wins a Super Bowl nobody is going to care about this story. 

In fact, other than adding some added spice to next week's joint practices and preseason games with the Dolphins themselves - as pointed out by The Athletic's Greg Auman - nobody should care about this past August 15th. 

Nobody, that is, that isn't in the locker room, coaching staff, or front office of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization. 

This is where the real deceit may or may not have taken place. 

And because we have no direct word of any, although stay tuned because I'm sure every player and coach with a mic in front of him or her is going to be asked about it, it's hard to say how those inside the organization should feel. 

What I will tell you is, like it or not it happened and the cat, as they say, is out of the bag. 

Expect a lot of, 'It's a business,' type comments, and each man on the roster will have to lean on their professionalism and goals of being a champion as they move past this. 

"It doesn't bother me," said coach Todd Bowles when asked about Brady talking with the Dolphins last December. "There's just not a lot going on in sports right now. We're not making it any bigger than it is."

So, should those inside the building be angry? Bowles doesn't appear to be. And even if he were, one man can't speak to each relationship between Brady and his teammates and coaches. 

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