Frank Clark is Making Sure the Chiefs Get More than One Championship

Tucker D. Franklin

Winning the Super Bowl last season was a career highlight for Kansas City Chiefs players, but defensive end Frank Clark is ready to make sure it isn’t the only championship the Chiefs win in this era.

Clark discussed the team’s attitude and mentality heading into the preseason during a video conference with reporters Tuesday. He also said his relationship with safety Tyrann Mathieu is important to the defensive unit’s success.

“Me and Tyrann’s main thing is just staying in tune with each other,” Clark said. “I feel like that’s the biggest thing that happens when guys have success and get to win a Super Bowl. You have prima donnas, a guy wanting to go off and do this, guys coming into work with different mindsets that aren’t focused on the one goal which is to win a championship. I feel like that’s where our strength is, and we haven’t wavered from that.”

The Chiefs began training camp for their Run It Back tour on July 28. Players reporting to camp have been taking extra precautions at the team facility to limit the effect of COVID-19.

While some players could get overconfident after winning a championship, Clark said they need to be able to change their mentality to next season to avoid the “Super Bowl hangover.”

“We have that short-term memory,” Clark said. “Yeah, we won the Super Bowl last year but that was last year. Some guys get cocky, they love that feeling and that emotion of winning and they carry that into the next year and it doesn’t really do [anything] for them on the field.”

Clark explained he is ready to move on from Super Bowl LIV and focus on getting to Tampa for Super Bowl LV.

“This year, after us being champions last year, nobody really cares about that,” Clark said. “I know our coach doesn’t care about that. It’s nice and cute and all, but we have stuff to do this year and a whole new set of goals. We’ve got to win the AFC Championship and that’s where it starts.”

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