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Patrick Mahomes Discusses Level of Concern for Upcoming COVID-19 Season

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes discusses his level of concern for the season as teams prepare for training camp.

Although it may seem unlikely at times, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is really just like all of us.

In a video conference with reporters Saturday, Mahomes explained how he does have some concern about the upcoming season in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic but trusts the precautions and the plans of the Chiefs' staff.

“Definitely there’s going to be a little concern,” Mahomes said. “You’d be lying to say you had no concern. But at the same time, as I’ve been through the facility now last night and a little bit today, and seeing all the protocols and all the safety things that [Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance] Rick [Burkholder] and all these guys have put forth, it’s really kind of made me feel even better than I thought coming in, knowing how much the NFL and the NFLPA have really put in to making sure we can be as safe as we possibly can be.”

Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance Rick Burkholder has been put in charge of the pandemic protocols and has been dubbed the Chiefs' Infectious Control Officer.

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The NFL released its infectious disease emergency response report to teams that Burkholder said was 30 pages long and full of proper preventions to take to keep players and staff members safe.

As players start to come back into the facility, Mahomes said seeing what Burkholder and others have done around the grounds helps assure him.

“That’s kind of put my mind at ease,” Mahomes said. “Knowing that I’m going to be in the best possible situation, given the time, to be as safe and healthy as possible.”