Chris Jones has Plans for Kansas City: Get Sacks, Win Championships, Have Fun

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones isn’t settling for just one Super Bowl ring and a four-year, $85 million contract extension. He wants to build a dynasty and a Hall of Fame career in KC.
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Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones isn’t settling for just one Super Bowl ring and a four-year, $85 million contract extension.

He has bigger goals in mind, with plans to build a dynasty in Kansas City while fighting for the chance of putting on the signature gold jacket of an NFL Hall-of-Famer.

Jones described the path to reaching his career goals during a virtual press conference with reporters on Monday.

“For me, nothing changes,” Jones said “It’s all about being the best I can be. It’s all about being the sack leader, winning Defensive Player of the Year. I’m always pushing myself to new heights. It’s one of the check marks on my journey. This is not the end of my journey, but this is just the beginning. I’m thankful I’m able to stay with the Chiefs, build a dynasty, create something special.”

The term “dynasty" is nothing new to Jones and the Chiefs. Some players have already spoken about the concept before the team clinched its first Super Bowl win in 50 years.

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes had it mind when he “left some [money] on the table” for the defensive tackle after signing a record 10-year, $503 million deal earlier this month.

Jones implied his deal was designed to do the same. The Chiefs return 20 of 22 starters this season, but are slated to have over 10 contributor free agents in 2021.

“For me, it just shows the understanding that me and Pat have about creating a dynasty in Kansas City,” Jones said. “We both have the same goal, create a dynasty and build something special, especially in Kansas City, with Coach [Andy] Reid and all of the talent that we have. We all have the same mindset. We want to keep this team together, so whatever we have to do financially to make sure that we stay together, and we also keep guys around us together, we can come together and do that.”

Jones has registered 33 sacks since entering the NFL in 2016, putting him in the top 10 for all-time franchise sack leaders. He had 15.5 in 2018 and 9 in 2019, leading the Chiefs in both seasons.

Jones said his “Stone Cold Jones” persona isn’t going anywhere as he helps the only professional organization he’s been a part of become a dynasty.

“If somebody told me I could choose $20 million or 20 sacks, I’d choose the sacks every day,” Jones said. “That’s just where my mind is, where my heart is. Getting sacks, winning championship rings. Having fun, enjoying the process. That’s where I’m at right now. The money, it’s good to be financially stable to where I can give my kids and my family things that I wasn’t fortunate to have when I was coming up, but for me, the game is bigger than just financial. It’s my passion. It’s what I love to do, and I want to get the gold jacket.”