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Patrick Mahomes Shares Story Behind Son’s ‘Bronze’ Name

Kansas City's quarterback explains how his newborn son's iconic name came to be.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is gearing up for the stretch run of the 2022 NFL season, but he and his wife Brittany also welcomed their son and made a subsequent announcement earlier this week. Patrick "Bronze" Lavon Mahomes III, the newest addition to the Mahomes family, is taking the city and the internet by storm.

Mahomes said on Wednesday that "everything went great" with his son and that his wife "is a champ" for how she handled delivering their second child. Even with a big-time game against the Cincinnati Bengals approaching on Sunday, neither Mahomes nor head coach Andy Reid is worried about missing out on any preparation. Mahomes's Chiefs teammates are also thrilled about Patrick III being brought into the world, joking that he could be their new quarterback down the road.

When asked about the "Bronze" name he and Brittany picked out for their son, Mahomes mentioned a few different reasons. He said he wanted to give Bronze something unique while also serving as a permanent tie to his older sister Sterling, who was born in February of last year. With some help from his brother Jackson, Mahomes was able to check off both of those boxes.

"When me and Brittany, when we had Sterling, we didn't know if it was a girl or boy at first," Mahomes said. "So we started thinking of girl and boy names. We wanted them to have that connection and them to be brother and sister forever. I've always wanted to do Patrick Lavon Mahomes III. I've thought about that since I was literally like five or six years old. I always thought it was going to be "Trey" as the third — you hear of a lot of people doing that. My brother Jackson, whenever we were trying to find something that was a little unique and different, he said, "What about Bronze? It fits perfectly with Sterling.' We went with that, and I think it works out well."

Not only was Mahomes able to carry on his family name and the legacy of Patrick Lavon Mahomes to another generation, but he also accomplished the goal of allowing Bronze to stand out in his own right. Mahomes said he had multiple family members in town to meet Bronze before heading back to Texas, with everything aligning in ideal timing. The last connection he made was pointing out how his family and the Chiefs family are one and the same, citing that as a reason why Kansas City does so well on the field year in and year out.

"My family and my teammates have always gotten along perfectly," Mahomes said. "You would think when you saw Travis (Kelce) and my dad that they were best friends, not me and him. It's just the type of organization that we have here, the type of team we have here. We're all family in this building and whenever I connect my family to that, it seems like it's just one big family. I think that's what makes us such a great football team."

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