Patrick Mahomes Announces Launch of New 'Better-For-You' Iced Coffee

Patrick Mahomes has announced the launch of Throne SPORT COFFEE, a "better-for-you" iced coffee that's available now.
Jul 12, 2023; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
Jul 12, 2023; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continues to add to his entrepreneurial résumé, as the superstar quarterback announced the launch of a new iced coffee product on Thursday.

"I am proud to announce the launch of @gosportcoffee – my new ready to drink iced coffee," Mahomes tweeted. "From practice and meetings to travel and family time, coffee has always kept me going. As lead investor and true believer in Throne SPORT COFFEE, we’re excited to share a better for you option that is packed with functional ingredients to have you feeling your best.
Throne SPORT COFFEE combines natural caffeine, natural flavors and natural sweeteners with B vitamins, electrolytes and BCAA’s – you get your great tasting coffee without the unnecessary calories or sugar crash."

On the coffee's website,, the brand explains what makes the canned coffee unique.

"Throne SPORT COFFEE's proprietary COFFEE PLUS + formula is here to help you get the most from your day from wake up… to overtime," the site reads. "Each smooth, balanced can of Throne SPORT COFFEE is stacked with 150mg of natural caffeine, 100% of daily B vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids. Everything you need to help you get going and keep going throughout the day."

Mahomes is also quoted again on the website, reiterating his excitement for the brand.

"I am proud to be part of Throne SPORT COFFEE and to launch and introduce a better iced coffee to the masses," Mahomes said. "We have been working on creating the perfect product for those who are always on-the-go, who are looking for a natural energy source with added benefits and I couldn’t be more excited about being on on the ground floor of building this brand."

Throne SPORT COFFEE is available on Amazon for $14.99 for a variety four-pack at the time of the publishing of this story.

In December, Mahomes teamed up with Logan Paul and KSI to promote PRIME, another beverage and energy drink brand.

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