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Jim Mora Jr. on Orlando Brown Jr. Trade: 'I Don't Think There Is Any Downside'

Former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr. talks about Orlando Brown Jr.'s fit with the Kansas City Chiefs on today's Roughing the Kicker podcast.

The Kansas City Chiefs made one of the biggest moves of the offseason last Friday with their pre-draft blockbuster trade to secure their next left tackle in Orlando Brown Jr., but it left some wondering, does he fit in Kansas City?

Former NFL head coach Jim Mora Jr. joined me on today's Roughing the Kicker podcast to discuss what the trade for Brown means for both teams involved.

When it comes to the trade, there are a few things people have apprehensions about. Fortunately, Mora was able to address them.

First was the worry about Brown fitting in at left tackle. While it's true Brown has spent most of his time at right tackle in his three seasons in the league, he does have some pro — 11 games last season — and college experience at left tackle.

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Mora said if Kansas City didn't believe he could play left tackle at a high level then he doesn't think they would have made the move.

"I think that if the Chiefs didn't have [the] conviction that he could slide in at left tackle and be a Pro Bowl performer like he's been at right then they wouldn't have made this move," Mora said. "They've seen [the] film, they've played against him, they evaluated him coming out of college, they have all the information they need. They've seen him play at the highest level, against the best competition. They got the 11 games, as you said, to evaluate him at left tackle."

Another worry some critics of the trade have is Brown's switch in the scheme. The Chiefs run a pass-heavy offense while the Baltimore Ravens employ a heavy running attack.

While a valid concern, Mora said with Brown's skill set, the transition of schemes should be a pretty easy one.

"I wouldn't be concerned about [the] scheme," Mora said. " I wouldn't be concerned about going from a run-heavy offense to a pass-heavy offense. He has the skill set to play at a very high level. He's proven that. It doesn't matter to him necessarily what play is called. He's just going to execute his responsibility. He's fundamentally sound, he's talented, he's eager to get a fresh start. I think it's just a great move for the Chiefs. I don't think there is any downside, in my opinion."

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