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Dreaming Deshaun: WFT Trade Chances for Watson Improve?

Washington doing homework on possibly acquiring embattled Houston QB

As the Washington Football Team heads into the offseason, it's a given the organization wants to find its next franchise quarterback.

While there is no guarantee, Washington's chances at landing quarterback Deshaun Watson are still alive.

After much speculation around the league that Watson and coach Brian Flores may team up in Houston, writer Jordan Schultz reported an update on the situation.

"Sources close to the situation say Flores and Deshaun Watson have had no contact," Schultz said. "Flores and Watson don't have each other's phone numbers."

This is frankly an odd one because the only previous person to write that Watson and Flores are presently in contact is this same reporter. Schultz.

While in no way does this confirm that Watson will join the WFT, it does provide hope.

deshaun ron
Deshaun Watson Knees © Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Washington Football Team Fan
Ron Rivera Scott Turner © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Local beat reporters asked coach Ron Rivera earlier this month about a possible trade for the Texans quarterback.

Rivera didn’t want to be found guilty of tampering.

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"We can't talk about players on other rosters," Rivera said. "We most certainly will do our due diligence."

(The coach, in a radio appearance, added a “Why not?” to the general question of whether a star QB like Watson would find the WFT appealing.)

Watson had 22 civil suits filed against him last year. The investigation is still ongoing.

"That's the thing that we have to do more so than anything else is really take a look at all those situations, circumstances and really kind of go through the process," Rivera said.

"Obviously, we'd have to find out what the league has going on. ... It'd be no different than any other position we've gone through. We'll go through a very diligent process."

Trades can begin being finalized on March 16.

Watson or not, Washington is determined to get its quarterback of the future.