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Antonio Brown, Cowboys Hopeful, Shocks Guests by Exposing Himself at Hotel Pool - VIDEO

The NSFW video is the latest in a series of misbehaviors for Antonio Brown, 34, who has suggested he’d like to sign with the Dallas Cowboys.

Troubled former All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown often makes headlines when he explains how he’d like to make an NFL comeback by signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

Unfortunately, he makes even more headlines which teeter somewhere between bizarre and criminal.

The latest: Brown was in Dubai, at a swanky hotel swimming pool, and is caught on video making odd sexual advances at a woman, a weird sideshow in which he is seen shoving his bare buttocks into the face of the stunned woman, picking her up and throwing her into the water, and then grabbing his penis and exposing himself to other guests and saying, “You want it?”

The NSFW video is the latest in a series of misbehaviors that have those who know Brown, 34, suggesting that he has long dealt with mental health issues that have led to legal problems and that have understandably derailed his once-bright career.

Video footage obtained by The New York Post of the May 14 incident at the Armani Hotel Dubai shows continuing the sort of strange behavior that ended his NFL run late last season when he stripped off clothes in the middle of the game and quit on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a game last season.

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Brown's contention: "In the video you can clearly see she runs off with my swim trunks,” he tweeted, adding (in an apparent reference to the Tua Tagovailoa concussion controversy) that "they've been using black men as guinea pigs.''

Brown - who was seemingly being cheered on by males whose voices can be heard on the video - was later kicked out of the hotel, and was apparently guilty of a series of rules violations at the hotel before he was finally forced to leave.

Brown, a seven-time Pro Bowler but now an aspiring rap artist, was in the United Arab Emirates as part of the entourage of boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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