CeeDee Lamb Chose 88 With 'No Pressure' From Cowboys Jerry

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - The way CeeDee Lamb tells the story, after the Dallas Cowboys made receiver the 17th overall selection in the recent NFL Draft - and after he stated publicly his desire to wear jersey No. 10 - they offered him choices that also included No. 88.

Did owner Jerry Jones - who publicly announced a desire for the Oklahoma rookie to join "The 88 Club'' - apply any pressure to Lamb?

"Nah nah not at all,'' Lamb explained on 105.3 The Fan. "I had the option of 10 or 88 and I picked 10. Then I went more in depth of the situation and the tradition and how much that number means to the organization ....

"And it was kinda like, 'Why not keep that tradition going?''

Why not, indeed. Especially with Dez Bryant (a previous No. 88) and Michael Irvin (a previous No. 88) strongly endorsing his membership?

Lamb may have favored No. 10. But he talked to Irvin - Lamb apparently initiated the call - to learn more about the 88 tradition, which of course started with Drew Pearson. And as CowboysSI.com was first to report, 88 it was.

“We talked about the tradition and the respect I had for him and that number,” Lamb said. “Not about any pressure, but how much of an edge it's giving me by wearing that number. No matter where I look, when I see myself, I’m going to see 88. 

"It’s going to always remind me of who wore it before me.”

Bryant's view on the subject ("Be you and be great'') is here. Irvin's ("He's a ‘true bred'') is here. And Jerry's? That has something to do with another 88 also named "Lamb.'' And that info is here.

"So,'' said CeeDee, who the Cowboys expect to immediately become part of a stellar trio that also features Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup, "(I'll) just trying to keep the legacy of 88 going in Dallas.”