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Cowboys Are The Knicks: ‘Disaster,' Says ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith

Smith turns to the NFL for his most supposedly damning words toward the Knicks, declaring them to be "worse than the Dallas Cowboys.”
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FRISCO - The New York Knicks finished 37-45.

The Dallas Cowboys finished 12-5.

Only in the warped mind and TV-hyped mindset - of Stephen A. Smith do the two sports franchises have much of anything to do with one another.

And yet here we are, the ESPN voice starting the proceedings by giving "his'' Knicks' draft night endeavors an “F.”

The ESPN analyst and Knicks fan/critic used post-NBA Draft discussions on Friday's edition of "First Take" to lambast the team for the perceived inactivity in Brooklyn. In apparent efforts to clear cap space and add draft capital for a potential run at a superstar, the Knicks traded the 11th overall selection (Ousmane Dieng) to the Oklahoma City before gaining 13th choice Jalen Duren from Charlotte, only to flip him to Detroit with veteran Kemba Walker.

The yields from elsewhere have produced a situation where the Knicks have 22 picks over the next seven defeats, a stat highlighted by Knicks president Leon Rose in his first public comments on the affair on Friday. It's highly unlikely that all of them will be kept, as New York has made no secrets about its interest in stars from abroad.

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That's enough to avoid the wrath of Smith, however.

"The New York Knicks are a disaster. I'm not happy at all," Smith tells fellow analyst Kendrick Perkins. He refuses to call for a boycott, much to the former Boston Celtic's amusement, but don't expect to see him at any Knicks games next season.

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"I'm not going to go to (Madison Square Garden) next year. I won't go one game," Smith declares. "I'm so disgusted with them. They're not doing this to me anymore. I'm sick and tired of this nonsense ... this is for my own health and my own sanity. I'm done."

What does any of this have to do with the Cowboys? Smith is dumb like a fox here, simply using the word "Cowboys'' to add some juice to his rant.

Smith turns to the NFL for his most supposedly damning words toward the Knicks, declaring them to be "worse than the Dallas Cowboys.” ... as if being a 12-5 team with five Super Bowl titles, but none of them coming in the last quarter-century, is the most awful of all sporting fates.

Smith is "playing the game'' with the Cowboys; his "fake hatred'' of the franchise is really a show, which is why he agreed to play a starring role in Dallas' "hype video'' on the upcoming season.

He's not really a Cowboys hater. And really, showbiz being what it is, there's no true way of even knowing if he's a Knicks lover.

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