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Armstead Looking at Possible Speedy Return

Head coach Mike McDaniel has not ruled out the possibility of tackle Terron Armstead playing against the San Francisco 49ers this weekend

The news regarding Miami Dolphins tackle Terron Armstead suddenly has gotten a lot better, and there's even a chance he could be in the lineup against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

Head coach Mike McDaniel provided additional details regarding the triceps injury that Armstead sustained during the 30-15 victory against the Houston Texans, and they were mostly all positive.

"Terron Armstead continues to impress me as an individual, a professional and a teammate," McDaniel said. "I can tell you one thing that I'm certain of: If there's a way that he can be on the field and play in December against a playoff team, he lives for that moment. And as long as there's nothing keeping him from hurting his team or himself, he'll be out there. But you can rest assured that he'll do everything possible. And if he's unable to go, it'll be because it would put himself and his teammates in harm's way."

Armstead already has been dealing with a toe injury since the opener and had to miss of the Jets game in Week 5 and all of the Minnesota game in Week 6, but otherwise hadn't missed any snaps before he was injured against Houston late in the second quarter when he dumped a Houston defender to the ground during the two-minute drill.

With Armstead out of the game, the pass protection collapsed and Tua Tagovailoa was sacked four times in three series before McDaniel pulled him out of the game in favor of rookie seventh-round pick Skylar Thompson with the Dolphins comfortably ahead.

Tua had been sacked twice in the previous four games combined.

Yes, Armstead is that important to the offensive line.

And that's why it's such an amazing relief that the injury, first, wasn't a tear and, second, as McDaniel revealed Wednesday, will not require surgery.

Even if Armstead winds up not being able to play against the 49ers, it's certainly looking right now like this won't be a long-term absence.

"I guess you'd say it's a game to game," McDaniel said. "We're pretty relatively, by percentage of, I guess it'd be like two- or three-sevenths of a week. You know, it's been pretty recent, and in the process he has ... I can tell by the spirit that he thinks there's a legitimate chance not to count him out, for sure. I'm not sure.

"I think he was kind of like everyone reading and writing about that question. He really, really wants to help lead this team, which we rely on to, so he was a little nervous, I think, in the 24 hours after. But in double the time, he's come back, a little pep in his step. So we're all excited to see that."





While Armstead stands as a possibility for the 49ers game, McDaniel made it clear not to count on right tackle Austin Jackson, who sustained an ankle injury late in the Houston game in his first game back.

McDaniel said after the game the injury was to the same ankle that Jackson had injured in Week 1, though it was a different injury.

"I'd be surprised if he was able to play," McDaniel said. "I'm not expecting him to be able to play but you've heard me talk before. My crystal ball is not the clearest, so I wouldn't guarantee anything. But me personally, I'd be very surprised if he plays."

Jackson being out again likely would mean a return to the starting lineup for veteran Brandon Shell, who started five games before coming off the bench against Houston.

If Armstead can't play, then the likelihood is that Greg Little would get the start.

Shell replaced Armstead at left tackle against Houston and then moved to right tackle for the final six snaps on offense after Jackson was hurt, with Little moving in at left tackle.

The Dolphins also have tackles Kendall Lamm and Kion Smith on the practice squad, though they would have to sign Smith for him to be able to dress against San Francisco since the team already has elevated from the practice squad the maximum three times this season.


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