Daily Hunt | Oct. 25 Part 1 | Miami has Struggled in Primetime

The Miami Dolphins are 7-19 in primetime games since 2006
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On today's episode of The Daily Hunt:

The Dolphins are preparing for a primetime showdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers and history is not in Miami's favor. Since 2006, the Dolphins have lost 19 of 26 games in primetime. 

This stretch includes a 2017 season when the Dolphins lost three-straight primetime games. 

Most are expecting the Dolphins to tank, but this could be a game the fans should root for Miami to come out on top. Not only would it be nice to get a win against Minkah Fitzpatrick, but it would make that Pittsburgh pick look even better. 

Some may be against that, wanting the Dolphins to lose out for Tua. It is hard to believe that one, let alone two, different teams will finish the season winless. Instead of worry about what can't be controlled, a strong performance by the Dolphins gives the coaching staff some signs of life for a team that has gradually improved over the last three weeks. 

“I think guys are just starting to gel," head coach Brian Flores said on a call with the Pittsburgh media. "We had a lot of movement early in the season, a lot of new players. I would say the first three or four games of the season, we were in almost like training camp in a lot of ways where guys are trying to get to know each other. We had the bye week. We tried to put some things in order. I think we’re just starting to come together as a team and we just played a little bit better the last couple weeks. We’ve still got a long way to go. That’s very clear and evident.”