Deeper Dive into Carson Wentz Fracture from MMQB's Albert Breer

The Sports Illustrated writer gives his take on how and when things began to disintegrate between the former franchise QB and the Eagles and makes some interesting points

Sports Illustrated’s MMQB is out and the author of the weekly column, Albert Breer reveals some good insight into the final days of Carson Wentz as the Eagles’ quarterback.

Breer mentions some interesting things in his piece, and you can read the entire column right here: Inside the Eagles-Colts stalemate and eventual Carson Wentz ...

Here are some items of interest:

  • "Soon after the season ended, Roseman and Wentz’s agent, Ryan Tollner, got on a call," Breer wrote.

It was made known then that the best thing for Wentz would be to move on. Roseman wasn’t ready to go there, yet, but told Tollner to “feel out potential suitors.”

Of course, the first call was to the Colts.

  • Once Tollner made that request, the Eagles had a decision to make. According to Breer, they had to decide whether to bring back Wentz, “and know he wouldn’t be all-in, and create a dynamic in which he’s disgruntled, making more money than everyone, and coming off a really bad year and hope for the best in the locker room … with the risk being that he could struggle again or get beat out by Hurts, which would kill his value altogether.

“Or they could build around Hurts or a new rookie quarterback, and if that worked out, start the clock over in having a quarterback on a rookie contract, which would help get Philly through its cap issues in what’ll be a cap-sensitive time.”

  • The Eagles and Colts had back-to-back talks over two weeks before Indy GM Chris Ballard put an expiration date on his offer to GM Howie Roseman. “He wasn’t willing to wait forever,” Breer wrote.
  • As for that famous stubbornness, Wentz was noted to have, Breer, said the quarterback’s Type A personality became problematic.

“If teammates weren’t working to his standard, that could be an issue,” wrote Breer. “He wanted the why from coaches when they were telling him what to do. And he could be stubborn. This stuff, by the way, isn’t totally uncommon with star quarterbacks. But, again, when the quarterback’s play doesn’t justify it, that’s a problem—and it was in this case.”

  • Breer indicated that, yes, Wentz and head coach Doug Pederson only spoke via text after the QB was benched in the second half of Week 13’s game against the Green Bay Packers.
  • The MMQB writer also is hearing what some of have suggested, that the Eagles will take a hard look at drafting another QB with the sixth overall pick.

“Suffice it to say, they don’t plan on picking this high again,” wrote Breer, “so they plan on grinding hard on every option with the pick, QBs included.”

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