EAGLES UNFILTERED: Previewing the Washington Football Team

Greg Patuto, beat writer for Washington Football Team's SI.com and Fan Nation channel, joined the show to give us a glimpse into the team, and talks Eagles, too
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Training camp is right around the corner and soon we should know better about what to expect from the Eagles, though many national pundits have already made their feelings known and, for the most part, the consensus is, they aren’t expected to do much.

What about the rest of the NFC East?

The Eagles Unfiltered podcast tour of the division continues with the Washington Football team as beat writer Greg Patuto joined us to give us some insight into them and his view from afar of the Eagles.

Our tour of the division began with the Giants and the link to listen to that episode of Eagles Unfiltered can be found here:

EAGLES UNFILTERED: Previewing the New York Giants ...

Patuto gives some insight into Ryan Kerrigan leaving Washinton but staying in the NFC East and joining the Eagles and gives his take on DeVonta Smith.

Also, hear Patuto's view on the Eagles' roster and who he believes could win the division.

Does he think the WFT repeats as NFC East champs, something that hasn't been done since 2003-2004 when the Eagles did it?

He examines the Football Team's strengths and weaknesses:

Biggest strength: The front four, though the Eagles' O-line could help negate that strength.

Biggest weakness: The offensive line, which has plenty of moving parts and is another area that the Eagles could potentially exploit with its veteran defensive line.

Of course, it's going to be a while before we get to see these teams play. The first meeting isn't until Dec. 18 or 19 then they play again on Jan. 2.

It's all talked about.

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