Michael Vick Weighs on Eagles QB Situation

The former QB who played five seasons with the Eagles after his release from prison sounded like he is Jalen Hurts' camp when he went on a national TV program
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Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Jalen Hurts-Carson Wentz Eagles quarterback drama, so why should Michael Vick be any different?

The former quarterback, who played five years with the Eagles after Andy Reid gave him a second chance upon his release from Leavenworth in 2009, went on FS1’s Undisputed on Monday and sounded like he believes the job next year should go to Hurts.

“That was just a smooth performance by Jalen Hurts,” said Vick. “It was effortless. I thought he did all the right things in all the right key moments other than win the game. He didn’t turn it over and I certainly felt like he positioned himself.”

Hurts threw for 338 yards with three touchdowns passes while adding another 63 yards on the ground and a 7-yard TD run that was as determined run as you will see from a quarterback, with Hurts dragging Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker with him to get across the goal line to tie the score at 26-26 in a game the Eagles eventually lost, 33-26.

“When you look at a guy like Jalen Hurts and his skillset and what he brings to the table, you automatically start thinking about the future, building around him and how the offense can potentially progress and what you can do in it,” said Vick. “I know if I’m thinking that way, Doug Pederson has to be thinking the same.”

Pederson is still taking it week-to-week with Hurts as his starter, but there are only two more games left, beginning Sunday in Dallas and followed the following week by a home game against the Washington Football Team.

But the coach has gotten more effusive in his praise for the rookie QB.

“He did what Jalen can do,” said Pederson on Monday. “We protected the football…the guys around him have played better. They've elevated their game, as well, and they're improving each week. That's all part of I think Jalen's success, too, is having the guys around him play better.

“…He played mentally and physically tough, which was good to see. He obviously extended plays with his legs. He had to throw probably more from the pocket (Sunday) because of the nature of the game and getting behind early in the football game.

“I guess the biggest thing is just leading the team and keeping the guys engaged for the entire game and gave us a chance there at the end.”

The end could come this weekend for the Eagles as far as their hopes of winning the NFC East and making a fourth straight trip to the playoffs.

The WFT can wrap up the division on Sunday if they beat the Carolina Panthers. The NFL moved the game from 1 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. so that neither the Eagles nor Cowboys, both of whom would be eliminated from contention for the division title with a loss, don’t know the outcome before they take the field.

Either way, the Eagles will be on the clock when the season ends on what to do with Hurts and Wentz.

Vick seems like he knows which way he is leaning.

“You can’t win if you don’t have the right guy behind center,” said Vick. “Not to say that Carson wasn’t the right guy, but it was starting to look like the paint was just running a little bit dry on the wall. Philadelphia Eagles fans probably feel like they need something new. I know that’s the way they feel and they don’t give you too much time out there.

“And when it’s some new blood, a guy like Jalen where it looks like you can build around him, why not go for it? I think now it’s a tell-tale sign for Doug Pederson and the organization, getting a good look at Jalen so they can make a decision.”

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