Our staff shares their thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons new uniforms.

What was your initial reaction to the new look?

Brady: Personally, I was a fan. They struck me as the type of uniforms you could make for your created team on a college football video game. Yet at the same time, I cringed because I knew the look would be highly controversial. I wasn’t mentally prepared to see so many hot takes on Twitter surrounding the uniforms a week sooner than expected.

Chris: Yuck. I hated the new uniforms when I saw the low-quality leaks on Twitter. But after letting them marinate in my mind for a day and watching the official reveal that included all the combinations, I’m a fan. I view them as upgrades over the 2019 looks. They feel very 2020 and usher in a new era of the Atlanta Falcons brand.

Dave: I’m not a fan. The gradient uniform style needs to die around the league. I also don’t personally like uniforms with black uniforms and black pants. White on white isn’t great either but better than all black. The “ATL” front lettering above the number is also a style I could do without. I’m a traditionalist to a fault when it comes to uniforms.

Christian: I wasn’t impressed with the new look. They didn’t jump out at me. When I saw the leaked tweets I just kept scrolling down my timeline.

Jeremy: I sounded like I was recording a Prince song. I let out this long screech. Needless to say, I really liked some of the designs.

Malik: When I first saw them, I was impressed. When you’ve seen the same uniforms for years and years, just the thought of something new should get you excited. They look more like a new-age design.

Rashad: Oh, wow. These are different. This is not necessarily what I was expecting. I thought they were just going to go to the old uniforms more than anything, but I get these. The new uniforms go under the same umbrella of a lot of other new uniforms.

Zach: Mixed. They were so different I didn’t know what to think, but they started to grow on me. 

Which set is your favorite and why?

Brady: White on white all day. They’re crisp, clean and much sharper. The font on the letters and numbers tend to be a bit clunky, but the white look somehow neutralizes this a bit.

Chris: Basically, any of them but the gradient look. That one will probably grow on me once I see it in person, but right now, my favorite two are the white on white and black on back kits. Awesome looks. You don’t need an array of highlighter colors to create cool uniforms. Actually, quite the opposite. What’s the old acronym? K.I.S.S.? “Keep it simple, stupid.” Atlanta kept it pretty simple, and it paid off.

Dave: Again, I’m a traditionalist so the “new, old” alternate uniform with the black jersey and white pants is my favorite. It’s a classic look.

Christian: I like the white on white. I’ve always enjoyed that combination and the red lining makes it pop.

Jeremy: I love gradient. I love that they have a little of what we've seen for the last 17 years but then the black is back to the roots of the black that was a heavy part of the team in the 90s. It just looks Atlanta.

Malik: The black on black is my favorite. I loved when the Falcons had the black jerseys long ago, and making these the home uniforms makes it even better.

Rashad: The all white first, the classic black second. The classic black because it’s simple, and the more simple, the longer you can wear them and build a tradition Jeremy Johnson and Terence Moore spoke so frequently about. The all white is clean.

Zach: The all white. Just looks clean. 

What direction would have liked to see the Falcons go with this?

Brady: This was the right direction. The old uniforms were starting to get a bit out of date. The new kit is futuristic and cutting edge. The Falcons have a unique combination of colors and lack a classic look like the Packers or Steelers, so they have the leaway to push the envelope a bit.

Chris: They needed an update. They needed to design something sleek, futuristic and minimalistic. And they needed to give themselves alternate options — more than just standard home and away uniforms. They succeed on all fronts.

Dave: I would have preferred to see the organization take more of an emphasis on the older styles they had. Most fans wanted an “update,” so I see why they did what they did, but black-on-black and white-on-white isn’t much of an upgrade to me. I would have preferred they mixed and matched color combinations from more traditional looking jerseys and pants with modernized stripes over what they did.

Christian: Pretty much anyone but this one. Maybe an older look would have been nice, or a more futuristic one. However, my opinion could change once I actually see them on the field of play.

Jeremy: I think they did what I expected them to. I would've been fine with flat out going back to the 90s look. It was simple and classic. Then again, it's Atlanta and there's nothing simple about the city. It breeds a sleek, diverse culture and the uniforms of the Falcons have always mirrored that more than any of the other professional franchises in the city.

Malik: I like this direction they went in. I think this represents the time that they’re in, especially how the culture is in the city. It feels like Atlanta. Like I said earlier, I feel a new age in these jerseys, and one day all NFL jerseys make have a look/feel like this.

Rashad: Classics. Mostly black, mostly red. No “ATL” on the front, just give me the logo. If you know, you know.

Zach: Probably more of a throwback to the 90s The old logo, old style numbers and black jersey  with silver pants. 

Are you satisfied with the change?

Brady: Mostly. The one aspect of the old uniforms that should have carried over was the skinnier font. The big ol’ “ATL” could be shrinked from a size 36 to a size 24. Besides that, no complaints.

Chris: Yeah, I can get behind these. Best case scenario: the Falcons mix in a bunch of those alternate options throughout the season and beyond, because some (like the white jersey with red pants) are straight heat.

Dave: No, I think the uniforms were in a better place last year. I don’t see these uniform combinations lasting very long.

Christian: No, I do think it was time for a change, but this new look doesn’t do it for me.

Jeremy: Yes. The other look had grown stale on me.

Malik: Yes. It was time for something different.

Rashad: No. I like simple, but at the same time, I get it. Go for the new look to spice things up and bring some new excitement in. These are the last few seasons of the Matt Ryan era, and he’s the best quarterback the franchise has ever had so that’s a big deal. It will be nice to see Matt hand over that torch in whether its these uniforms or another new look in the next five years.

Zach: Yes. They needed a refresh, and this serves that purpose. 

If there’s one tweak you could make to any of it, what would it be?

Brady: The gradient jersey is bizarre and cheesy. Get rid of it and save it for an Arena Football team.

Chris: The “ATL” lettering below the neck is tacky. It takes up too much room, and it would’ve looked better if “ATLANTA” was written out in smaller type.

Dave: I’d have the team wear the black pants with the white jerseys and vice versa. That would be a step in the right direction.

Christian: I would make the “ATL” smaller its too big. Also, I know that numbers should be large but these like they’re jumbo. Oh the last tweak, make new jerseys because these aren’t it. Okay, that was three but you get the point.

Jeremy: I get rid of the all black one altogether and make the 90s look the primary black uniform. I'm not a fan of the red stripe up the sides. The number front is a tad weird.

Malik: I would make an all-red jersey instead of the gradient.

Rashad: Please take out the “ATL.” It’s kind of cringe to me. Also when I think about trying to go for the futuristic look in the league, you don’t have to even leave the division. The Bucs tried the modern look for a few seasons, and then decided it was best just to go back to basic. Following trends seems like a good idea in the moment but trends always come and go.

Juice is temporary, but sauce is forever. Keep it basic. Keep it classic, and don’t overcomplicate the process. When you can have sauce but you can also get lost in the sauce.

Zach: Probably would have had a more standard alternate red in addition to the gradient. 

What are your thoughts?