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Did Falcons Make The Grade This Offseason? - PFF

The Atlanta Falcons have had quite a busy offseason.

The Atlanta Falcons roster as it stands heading into June is far different than how it looked six months ago.

ryan 2 indy
Desmond Ridder
Desmond Ridder

It's been a busy offseason for a team that saw a trade of their 14-year franchise quarterback, the suspension of their top receiver, the release of their top pass rusher and finding replacements for all three positions.

The rebuild season in Atlanta is officially here, and Pro Football Focus believes that the Falcons have passed the test.

The Falcons earned a B+ for their efforts this offseason.

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As for the Ryan trade, while it downgrades the team at quarterback on paper, PFF believes the Falcons deserve some credit.

"Trading away a high-level quarterback is rarely a good move," PFF wrote. "But it may have been a necessary destructive step for this team to ultimately move forward long-term, and so their grade gets a little boost in that light."

In terms of the draft, PFF believes the Falcons have a lot of potential in multiple picks, including Drake London, Arnold Ebiketie, Troy Andersen, Desmond Ridder and Tyler Allgeier. All five of those players can play key roles for the team in 2022 and beyond.

Terry Fontenot
Terry Fontenot

Overall, the team made a bevvy of mixed moves, some that helped the franchise in the short-term, and others that hurt. However, one thing every move this offseason has had in common is the long-term focus, and with a little development, the players brought in this offseason can turn into key pieces for the Falcons moving forward.