Falcons set a new team record for online jersey sales

The Atlanta Falcons announce their no.1 day all-time for online jersey sales

A week after unveiling their new uniforms to the public, the Atlanta Falcons are reporting a record amount of jersey sales.

In a report from the AJC, the team reported the No. 1 day all-time for online Falcons jersey sales.

The jerseys went on sale on April 14, which was the original release date but the team was forced to release to the jerseys a week early due to leaked photos of the new uniforms on social media.

The team was not able to announce the number of jerseys sold due to team policy but they were in the tens of thousands, according to Morgan Shaw Parker the team chief marketing officer.

The black home jerseys accounted for 50% of the first day sales, the white jerseys for accounted for 25% of sales and the red-gradient jerseys accounted for 21% of all first-day sales.

The jerseys received mixed reviews on social media but the Falcons clearly won over the fans and season ticket holders with the new design.

According to Parker, this was the third-highest sales day in Falcon’s history behind the NFC championship in 2017 and the following day after that.

Fans are only allowed to purchase jerseys online because of the team stores are closed due to COVID-19. Fans who purchase the jerseys will be given a delivery date over the next four months.

The team has eight combinations of the new uniforms that they will have to choose from when the season starts. 

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