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NFLPA Approves Jacksonville Jaguars IDER Ahead of Training Camp

The Jacksonville Jaguars submitted their IDER last week and were approved Monday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, along with 19 other NFL teams, have had their IDER (Infectious Disease Emergency Response) approved by the NFL Players Association. The NFLPA announced the approvals Monday afternoon. 

The IDER's are contingency plans each franchise has for infectious diseases, but all have required updating to include a COVID-19 response. They can differ from franchise to franchise depending on state and local guidelines and mandates. In the absence of a nationwide standard, each franchise is being asked to craft an IDER plan to best protect their players within their city. 

Eight teams were initially approved last week during the NFLPA's first round, including teams like the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs who had veterans scheduled to report earlier than the rest of the league. There are still 12 plans under review but the Jaguars can now move forward with training camp with their entire IDER approved. Veterans for the Jaguars and remainder of the league are scheduled to arrive Tuesday for initial COVID-19 testing. 

Rookie and quarterbacks, last Tuesday and last Thursday respectively, had their initial COVID testing before beginning football activities. As part of training camp guidelines approved by the NFL and NFLA, meetings will continue to be virtual as much as possible and in the absence of a virtual setting, should be held outside. Social distancing will be in affect in locker rooms, training rooms, showers, etc. 

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As part of the initial reopening plan in May, the Jaguars appointed Head Athletic Trainer Scott Trulock as the team’s newly-appointed Infection Control Officer. The Jags also established an Infectious Response Team (IRT) and in a statement explained the IRT, "consists of team leadership, medical personnel and employees from the security, operations and legal departments." It is led by Head Team Physician Kevin Kaplan, Team Internist Mike Yorio and Infectious Disease Physician Ken Meyer.