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Trevor Lawrence Reflects on Being First Jaguar To Be AFC Offensive Player of the Week in a Decade

The second-year quarterback had a magnificent performance against a tough Chargers defense, earning him leaguewide recognition.
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2010. That was the last year a Jaguars player was recognized as the AFC Offensive Player of The Week. 

David Garrard, the recipient of the honor, was the man at the quarterback position. Franchise icon Maurice Jones-Drew was still doing his thing, and Jack DelRio and his coaching staff were calling the shots.

12 years is a long time for a franchise to go without seeing a player receive a weekly honor. That all changed because of Trevor Lawrence’s arm and a rejuvenated offensive attack. When informed about the significance of his recognition, Lawrence was quick to credit his teammates for his success.

“Wow, it’s been a while,” Lawrence said on Wednesday. 

“Hopefully a lot more in store. Like I said, it speaks volumes to everyone, the defense too. When you have a defense playing as well as ours is right now, it gives you a lot of confidence and doesn’t put a lot of pressure on you, so I’m thankful for those guys. Like I said, the staff, the guys up front, they’re playing amazing. I’m sitting back there having time; they’re doing a great job taking care of me. It’s been great.”

While individual honors are something not to overlook, team performance and preparation for the next week are more important than anything else. For Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars offense, there is still room to grow despite recognition of strong play.

“I think it says more about the organization, this team specifically, the staff, the players that are around me,” Lawrence said. “Obviously, I’ve been able to play well the last few weeks, but most of that is the guys around me and the coaches around me. We’re all putting each other in positions to be successful, and that’s just kind of the way it works. Everyone just does their job, and it’s been a lot of fun. 

"Obviously, I’m happy with the way I played, but there’s still a lot of growth that still needs to happen, and I know there’s things that I can do better, there’s things that this offense can do better, so we’re just going to focus on the things we need to improve on. Monday morning comes, you look at the things that you did well, and there are certain goals that we’ve been hitting the last couple of weeks that we’re proud of, but as an offense, we’re looking at all the things we can do better.”

The season is still young, but sitting at 2-1 and in first place in the AFC South, the Jaguars are rolling to start the 2022 campaign. For such a young team, growth and improvement will always be the main factors to watch for. The Jaguars will look to continue showing their prowess in a week four matchup against the Philidelphia Eagles.

“Definitely, it’s just the ebbs and flows, ups and downs of the season,” Lawrence said.

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“Whether you’re playing great or not playing great, it’s a long season. You’ve got to find your way and you’ve got to figure out a way to get better and better to where the last bit of the season you’re playing your best football and giving yourself a chance to make the playoffs and go far in the playoffs, so that’s the key to it. We know it’s still really early. It’s week 4, and it’s a long season, but we love where we are at right now.”