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Ex-Jets Scout Criticizes New York For Picking Jeremy Ruckert in Third Round

This former Jets scout loves Jeremy Ruckert, but thinks New York was foolish to pick him in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

It’s really hard not to like Jets’ third-round draft choice, tight-end Jeremy Ruckert.

He’s a man after my own heart.

Our stories are just too similar. I too have a story of growing up as a fan dreaming one day of being in the NFL. 

My journey in fact led to the same team Ruckert now plays for, the New York Jets. 

It actually brings tears to my eyes even writing about it. I understand the passion Ruckert described to reporters, “It’s a dream come true,” Ruckert said after he was drafted. “I’ve dreamed of this since I was a little kid. I grew up a Jets fan. My whole family grew up as Jets fans. Going to practices when they used to practice at Hofstra and going to games as a kid.” 

Yes, Hofstra at Weeb Ewbank Hall. I spent four years there in pro scouting. I remember it well. I remember it fondly. 

Ruckert’s words touch my soul. 

Like I said, it is hard not to like Ruckert as a fan. 

Local Long Island kid gets drafted by the Jets. It is the thing movies are made of. 

However, I have to separate myself as a fan here and put on my evaluator hat for a few minutes. 

Nothing personal, and again congratulations to you Jeremy Ruckert. I will be cheering for you and I hope you become a legend for the Jets. 

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I like (scratch that). I love everything about Ruckert as an evaluator, except the round he was taken in. After going back and watching Ruckert at Ohio State last year, the evaluator in me says he would have been the perfect fifth or sixth-round pick. 


Ruckert struggled to create separation consistently in the passing game, and he was all over the road as a run blocker. 

I will say this, this guy reminds me of the movie, Rocky. I mean Ruckert is as competitive as they come. Ruckert is a fighter. I have no issue with any of that. 

It is just in the third-round team general manager Joe Douglas had a lot more pressing needs after dropping $44 million dollars on free agent tight ends C.J. Uzomah and Tyler Conklin. 

The Jets’ line offensive is hanging together by a thread at tackle with their two starters coming off knee surgeries, and the pass rush needs a lot more juice if the Jets have any chance of getting off the runway in 2022. 

Again, I think Ruckert would have been the perfect Jets draft pick in the fifth or sixth-round with the perfect story.

I just don’t see how he is going to get onto the field a whole lot with the kind of money Douglas has soaked into Uzomah and Conklin. Barring injury and unless the offense goes into three tight-end sets with some new innovative offensive concepts, I am just not catching Douglas’ vision. 

Ohio State TE Jeremy Ruckert celebrates catch
Ohio State TE Jeremy Ruckert makes one-handed catch
Ohio State TE Jeremy Ruckert breaks tackle


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