Could Quinn and Patricia Draft Tagovailoa to Buy Another Season?

John Maakaron

When general manager Bob Quinn was hired by the Lions in 2016, it came with very high expectations that simply have not been met. 

Quinn upped the ante in 2018 when he fired Jim Caldwell -- one of the most successful coaches Detroit has had in recent memory. 

Caldwell was replaced by Matt Patricia due to Quinn's belief that the Lions were unable to compete against the best teams in the NFL with Caldwell at the helm.

No longer was just making the playoffs acceptable -- something that Caldwell had done in two of his four seasons in Motown. 

What has happened since has been a complete and utter failure. 

Two consecutive seasons with no playoff appearances and the organization taking steps backward. 

Quinn and Patricia are now attempting to shift the narrative, too, by discussing the need to rebuild and the process of doing so taking time. 

Unfortunately, for the duo from New England, it might not get the necessary time in order to effectively rebuild. 

Lions ownership discussed its disappointment with the 2019 season, and stated it wants the Lions to be in playoff contention in 2020. 

But wait.

There could be a scenario that allows Quinn and Patricia to buy more time. 

Drafting former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the No. 3 overall pick could be the move taken to convince ownership that more time is needed. 

Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis expressed Wednesday that drafting Tagovailoa is a way for Quinn and Patricia to buy more time in Detroit. 

"Matt Patricia is on the ropes. Best way to guarantee yourself another year, oftentimes, is to have a young quarterback you are developing," Travis said.

As the NFL combine approaches, it will be interesting to see how serious the Lions are about drafting Tagovailoa. 

For Quinn and Patricia, it may be the best move to ensure another season in Detroit. 


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Comments (4)

to think Patricia and Quinn would draft a quarterback at 3 just to have some more time is the stupidest thing I have herd lately.if they take one it wont be to have more time these guys want to win bottom line.Besides Stafford showed enough before getting hurt he will thrive under Darrell Bevell.

No. 1-4

If the price is right.. (3 first rounds in 2020 and 1 first round in 2021 - MiAmi dolphins) for Stafford and 3rd pick And move back to 5th. I would take it and we draft Tua or Herbert at 5.


Stafford won’t be traded - But not sure if drafting Tua works here


Stafford was just rated the 8th best QB in the league (low in many people's opinion), but reality has never kept some Lion's fans from blaming him, rather than ownership, coaching and GM decisions for the team's overall lack of success.