Report: Lions Tight End Josh Hill Retiring

Tight end Josh Hill will not be joining the Detroit Lions, as he is planning to retire from the NFL

Tight end Josh Hill is retiring from the NFL, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.  

"Yeah, it is tough," Hill commented when he was released from the Saints this past offseason. "We kind of made this our home base. We stayed here throughout the year. We've got four kids. Moving those relationships and everything, there's growing pains with that. But, we told the kids that I got released. My oldest boy said -- he was excited -- I was surprised to see that he was excited. He's like, 'Let's go somewhere where there is snow. I am tired of this heat down here.' So, I guess his wish was granted, and he's going to see some snow."

Earlier on Tuesday, it was reported that veteran tight end Darren Fells would be visiting Allen Park, Mich., to potentially sign with the Lions. 

Prior to the news of his retirement, Lions head coach Dan Campbell expressed that familiarity with a player would aid in the team's decision to bring them to Detroit. 

"If there’s some guys out there that are from other teams that we have history with, this coaching staff has history with, our personnel department, our GM, our assistant GM has history with, that we know and we trust and are our type of guys, yeah, I would say that would be pretty intriguing," Campbell said. 

Hill's retirement leaves Detroit with not much experience at the position, as T.J. Hockenson is the only member of the roster with significant playing time. 

Alize Mack, Hunter Thedford, Jake Hausmann and Brock Wright are also currently signed to the Lions' roster.