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Jared Goff Dominates Teammates at Ping-Pong

Quarterback Jared Goff sat down for an in-depth podcast interview.

For Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, his "why" at the moment is about fulfilling his competitive drive and winning with the Detroit Lions. 

In an in-depth podcast interview hosted by Adam Breneman, Detroit's signal-caller reveals his best moments playing in the league, blocking out media noise and the joy he experienced winning his first game as a Lion last season. 

By all accounts, Goff is having a much better spring than he did last season, as he performed well in spring camps and appears significantly more comfortable. 

“When I say he’s had an excellent spring, I’m not kidding. He really has done very well with just the learning, his work ethic. He comes out here and he works. He puts the time in, it’s very, very important to him, and just his ability to throw the ball," quarterbacks coach Mark Brunell said. "He has elite arm talent and it’s been fun to watch. I think he’s in a great place right now. Just from last year to this year, he’s better at every aspect of his game as a professional. He’s killing it, he really is.”

For Goff, blocking out media noise has become much easier than in the past. 

He is not taking stock of those that say this is a "make-or-break" season for him. 

His response for his "why" was telling and expected from a professional quarterback in this day and age. 

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"For me right now it's winning and it's not even close. It's competing. Being the best version of myself everyday," Goff said. "How can I do that as most as possible? And create the best results for myself and my team. So, it's winning. I've been on really good teams and really bad teams. Finding myself where I can consistently produce and consistently win games and chase that competitive juice. That competitive fire of being able to beat the other team and being able to punish the other teams in ways at the end of the games. Finish on a four-minute drive. There is no better feeling than that. Getting us as the Lions to a place where we can do that consistently. I take a lot of pride in and would be something I would be proud of the rest of my life."

Goff's teammate, Jason Cabinda, setup the interview and declared the Lombardi Trophy is coming to Detroit. "It's coming."

Other fun moments include Goff declaring he is pretty good at ping-pong, even though he was defeated once by David Blough. 

Goff is better at ping-pong than he is at golf, and he is reportedly a solid golfer, according to Breneman. 

Cabinda declared Goff had defeated nearly everyone in the locker room. 

Enjoy the rest of the nearly 60-minute podcast below.