Richard Sherman Didn't Like Lions' Culture, Rejected Contract Offer

John Maakaron

In 2018, All-Pro defensive back Richard Sherman decided against joining the Lions based upon the culture surrounding the organization.

Sherman sat down for a conversation with David Lombardi of The Athletic, and revealed that he turned down more guaranteed money from Detroit.

He was reportedly guaranteed $20 million as part of Detroit's contract offer.

Yet, he turned it down.

After spending time with 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, Sherman realized that San Francisco was a better fit for him than Detroit. 

“But that’s not the kind of football I want to play. The way you run their scheme, your culture. You want to do it the Patriots’ way, and that’s really not the way I do football," Sherman said via The Athletic. 

He added, "Hey, I can get this $20 million guaranteed and be in Detroit and lose football games. Or I can go to a place where I’m very comfortable with the scheme, coach and culture. And I’m very comfortable with the things they do, and I really believe we can win."

Sherman expressed that the culture in Seattle was more relaxed and was a better fit for him and his style of football. 

He indicated that he didn't want to be run into the ground, and the Lions were known at the time to condition every day after practice. 

Subsequently, he felt that he would be run into the ground playing in Detroit. 

Motown wasn't the right fit for Sherman, and now, he's playing for a Super Bowl this Sunday as a member of the NFC champion 49ers.  


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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Seems like the Lions should figure out how to adapt to this way of football. It always results in more success (not including Belichick)