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St. Brown Feels He Is Among NFL Best: 'I'm Going to Give Every Team Hell'

Detroit Lions Amon-Ra St. Brown is the steal of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown feels he is already among the best wide receivers in the National Football League. 

Through 19 NFL games, the talented wideout is already being talked about as being the steal of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

Being selected in the fourth round has lit such a fire under the dynamic wideout that he even brought up the name of Commanders wide receiver Dyami Brown, who was drafted ahead of him in the third round last year, during his media session Wednesday. 

The 22-year-old is a shining example that not all football players can be simply measured by what statistical numbers they put up in a workout or in a 40-yard dash at an organized event. 

“I think (Lions general manager) Brad (Holmes) was on him early, but I know for me, watching him, he reminded me of (Saints WR) Jarvis Landry, just his competitive nature," Lions head coach Dan Campbell explained. "He played smart. He was an aggressive player with the ball in the air, he would attack the football. You saw him block downfield. He was versatile. He had quickness, and really, the only thing he didn’t have was that he wasn’t a 4.3 guy. But, everything else were traits that we felt like fit us and he’d be a natural fit in the slot."

The chemistry that has been established between himself and Goff is undeniable, even so much so that NFL records are now falling by the wayside. 

St. Brown has been able to secure eight or more receptions and a touchdown in six consecutive games, an NFL record. 

"I thought about it the other day, like, it is a crazy stat. But, it hasn't felt like forced, you know. It hasn't felt like we've been like trying to like, 'Oh, we need to get him involved.' It's just kind of the way the flow of the game has gone," Jared Goff said. "And, he runs good routes, he gets himself open. It's really worked. Again, it hasn't felt forced. And, that's why it kind of jumped up on us, 'Wow, it's been eight games in a row or whatever it is.' Like it's just kind of been natural, and he's done a great job."

An underrated aspect of St. Brown's game is his speed. On his 58-yard run against the Commanders, the speedy wideout was clocked running 21.09 mph, the sixth-fastest mark by an offensive player this season, according to Next Gen Stats. 

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"People love to look at the 40-yard dash and whatnot. But, if you know ball, you know ball. If a guy can play, they can play,” St. Brown said. “And, that's what the scouts are here to do. Some scouts are better than others. Some people evaluate the talent better than others. But, if you know how to play ball, you know how to play ball."

His teammates have now started to take notice of just how hard St. Brown works at his craft. 

"Just a hard worker. Pretty consistent. Smart player, as well. Hard-nosed guy. So, I think he deserves everything that's coming his way," DJ Chark told All Lions in the locker room Wednesday. 

Paying attention to Commanders wide receiver Dyami Brown 

It has been well-documented, especially on this past season of "Hard Knocks", that St. Brown can name each and every player that was drafted ahead of him. 

Against the Commanders, a player who was drafted ahead of him did not play much. In fact, Dyami Brown only recorded one snap at Ford Field. 

But, St. Brown definitely took notice of who was standing on the sideline opposite of him. 

"The draft. It is what it is. I mean, even the Commanders, they got a guy before me over there," St. Brown said. "I believe his name is Dyami Brown. I don't know how many catches he had. You guys can probably tell me that or how many yards he had (Sunday). But, I don't forget things like that. I see him across the sideline from where I'm standing during the game. Every team that -- I'm going to give every team hell." 

When asked if he actually focused his attention on Brown, St. Brown replied, "I didn't see him in the game much."