3 Quick Ways Lions Can Repair Their Reputation

John Maakaron

The Detroit Lions organization is constantly batting the perception that they do not care enough about their current or past players. 

With Richard Sherman and Calvin Johnson adding fuel to the fire this week that the scheme and culture do not sit well with many, it is very important that Detroit starts to take some steps to repair their sullied reputation. 

This offseason, Detroit has plenty of cap space to spend on free-agents and to extend current players on the roster. 

According to Spotrac.com, Detroit currently has approximately $47 million in cap space to work with.

Here are three things the Lions' organization can do quickly to repair their reputation. 

Make things right with Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is making it known that he is not happy. During every interview, he brings up the fact that he and the organization are at odds. 

Can you blame him?

He has visited other teams, and has observed the way veterans and retired athletes have been treated. 

Detroit needs to end this disagreement and rectify what has been a clear mistake by the organization. 

Asking for money back from Johnson -- a player who gave so much to the organization has clearly backfired.

Extend cornerback Darius Slay 

During this offseason, one of the biggest question marks will be how general manager Bob Quinn and Co. address Slay's contract situation. 

Based on his play, he obviously deserves an extension. 

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It would behoove Quinn to set aside whatever issues he has been having with outspoken players and actually reward those who perform consistently on the field.

Making Slay a player that plays his entire career in Detroit is the right thing to do, and would go a long way to shed the notion that the organization does not care about veterans. 

Make wide receiver Kenny Golladay the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL

Golladay is set to make just under $2.5 million dollars in 2020. 

He is entering the final season of his rookie contract, and has far outplayed his rookie deal. 

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What better way to send a notice that productivity on the field is rewarded than by opening up the checkbook and signing Golladay to a long-term, big-money contract. 


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No. 1-2

I can agree with most of these - Maybe trade Slay


Maakaron you are a joke. You want them to make KG the highest paid WR in football? HAHA you know there is something called a salary cap. Kenny G isn’t even a WR1 on some teams. You sound like Bob Quinn