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Podcast: Why Jared Goff Is Lions' Quarterback of Future

Adham Beydoun is the featured guest of this week's NFL podcast.

After winning four out of the past five games, the Detroit Lions have the opportunity to win several meaningful games in December and to close out the 2022 season on the right foot.  

Unfortunately, a poor start to the season may end up costing the team an opportunity to secure a spot in the playoffs this year. 

But, as the team prepares to face the 10-2 Vikings, supporters are flooding the team's bandwagon with hope and belief that the team can potentially win all of its remaining games on the schedule.

"I would say that’s about as close to a dream as you could get. That’s -- ideally you wish you could play it out that way every week, but the reality is it just doesn’t work that way," said Lions head coach Dan Campbell, when asked about the team's performance against Jacksonville. "But, that’s really what you want, man, you get a takeaway, starts the game, you don’t have to punt. The only thing that would’ve been icing on the cake is a return for a touchdown, a punt return or a kickoff return or you block a punt. But, it was pretty good certainly.”

Among the reasons for the team's turnaround has been the play of quarterback Jared Goff, who has played exceptionally well under the watchful eye of offensive coordinator Ben Johnson

With five games remaining, the team has the opportunity to be on the positive side of the scoreboard, especially against divisional opponents. 

"All I care about is what we’ve got coming up," Campbell expressed. "We’ve got six games, and I know if we can make enough waves and win enough games, then we’ll look up and we’ll see what happens at the end of the season. But, as far as expectations, you guys can figure that out and the fans. But, I do believe in this team, and I haven’t wavered from that. I believed in them even when we were 1-6. So, we’ve got to play good football, it’s a good team coming in. But, there again, I like our football team.”

This week, Woodward Sports host Adham Beydoun joined the podcast to discuss the team's final five games of the season and if Jared Goff has earned the right to be the team's quarterback of the future. 

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