Poll: Should Patriots Consider Re-Signing Josh Gordon If He’s Reinstated?

Devon Clements

One of the more interesting aspects of the newly ratified CBA for the NFL is the lightened restrictions under the substance abuse policy. The new policy eliminates any player over the next decade from being suspended because they tested positive for marijuana or any other substance of abuse. 

One player that has fell victim to the former substance abuse policy - which resulted in several suspensions for him - is former New England Patriots wideout Josh Gordon. Gordon was suspended indefinitely this past season while he was a member of the Seattle Seahawks, and will reportedly apply for reinstatement soon in hopes that he can return to playing football this upcoming season. If he is reinstated, he will be an unrestricted free agent, which means can sign with any team that he likes. 

The Seahawks would definitely be in play for Gordon if he were to make a return to football. They are always looking to improve their roster, no matter the position, and Gordon has stayed in Seattle since being suspended back in December of 2019. So him returning to play for Seattle makes plenty of sense. 

But the Patriots may be a potential suitor for Gordon as well. 

We know the situation New England's wide receivers were in last year. Several of them were banged up during the season, and the bunch was overall unreliable outside of Julian Edelman. During this offseason the Patriots signed some receivers, whether it be through free agency or from the undrafted pool, to compete during training camp. But no one outside of Edelman, 2019 first-round pick N'Keal Harry, and veteran Mohamed Sanu has a high enough floor that ensures if one of those pass-catchers goes down to due injury the production from the receiver room won't dip significantly. 

However, if they brought in Gordon, that issue would be fixed. 

I understand that New England cut ties with Gordon last year. Rumor has it that Gordon wasn't up to par with was was expected from him in terms of his work ethic during his final months with the Patriots, which is why the team felt it was in their best interest to remove the veteran wideout from their roster. But it can't hurt to bring him in during training camp and have him compete for a roster spot, right? He has experience in the system, and could prove himself over the summer. 

But I want to hear from all of you. What do you think? Should the Patriots re-sign Josh Gordon if he is reinstated, and if he is interested in joining New England? Vote below:

Should the Patriots re-sign Josh Gordon if he is reinstated?
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Every man and woman deserves a second chance! In Josh’s case, yes he should get another chance!


He should join Brady in Tampa.


Gordon wouldn’t want to be back in NE and honestly he wasn’t all that impressive last year. Gordon’s best days are behind him and we have a young team full of WR’s with a lot of potential. So unless OBJ, Cooper Cupp, a rehabilitated AB (on a team friendly deal) or another star WR in his prime becomes available, let’s stick with what we have.

Max McAuliffe
Max McAuliffe

I absolutely want him and would consdier it if I were New England. However, he seemed pretty unhappy with the way things ended here. I wonder if he would come back here for a third year after a sour ending.

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