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Report: Chargers Could Be Landing Spot for Tom Brady in 2020

Though it's hard to imagine Brady leaving New England, if he does, it could be for Los Angeles.

As they have been for the past couple years, rumors have swirled over the past week about where New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could be playing in 2020. His current contract makes him a free agent next year, which makes one believe that a departure of the 42 year old from New England could be in the works if the right situation appears for the future hall of fame QB.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports said on Sunday morning that "several sources who know him well" believe that the Los Angeles Chargers could be a team that draws Brady's interest in 2020. 

Here is the case that La Canfora makes for Brady moving to California for the last chapter of his career.

"Brady trains often in Southern California and has family in that state," La Canfora wrote. "He has held spring passing camps there, his business partner and trainer lives there (Alex Guerrero) as does his throwing specialist (Tom House). Brady has also become increasingly engrossed in Hollywood, with a second career looming perhaps in large-scale productions. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season, and L.A. already has key pieces on offense in place and a defense that has shined recently when not ravaged by injuries.

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"The Inglewood facility is expected to be the place to be, and be seen, once constructed, and some who know Brady could see the challenge of rebooting that town as a football market appealing to the quarterback. It would make Chargers games a hot ticket and could conjure images of what the Kings locker room was like when Wayne Gretzky landed there, or what LeBron James has done for the Lakers. Brady would not have to be away from his family for playing, practices or his other business ventures, and if he wants to truly play until he is 45, of all of the possible locales the Chargers were the one sources kept coming back to."

The case that La Canfora makes is understandable. But the question that remains to be answered: does Tom Brady want to pick up and move his family across the country? This move involves much more than what Brady wants. He also has a wife and kids that have needs as well, which to some extent involves stability. 

It's an interesting scenario to think about, nevertheless. Brady moving to Los Angeles and revitalizing a Chargers team that hasn't been able to win a championship under Phillip Rivers would be a monumental shift for the second-best team in that city. 

But for now, all that Brady is thinking about is championship no. 7 with the Patriots.