Ruggs Planning to Make a Statement

Las Vegas Raiders Henry Ruggs is ready to make a statement during the 20212 season.
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Las Vegas Raiders young wide receiver Henry Ruggs III did not live up to the expectations of his rookie season and is planning to make a statement next season.

The former first-round pick came to Las Vegas last year with high expectations. Still, in an abnormal year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Ruggs could not have a regular season nor acclimate well to the NFL.

In his second year in the league, Ruggs is planning to take on a more significant role offensively, developing in all areas, including size and adding versatility to his game.

"That's been one of my main points of emphasis," Ruggs said. "Just constantly trying to eat all the time and going hard in the weight room. It's been paying off."

Ruggs is hoping his healthy eating and workouts help him get stronger and be more physical to do more out on the field.

"Honestly, I don't think anybody's expectations for me are higher than myself," Ruggs added.

"If I'm frustrated with anything, it's because I didn't do what I feel like I can do or I am able to achieve. It's not the critics or what other coaches or what the fans around the league may say about me. That doesn't really do too much for me because I know what I can do. I am my biggest critic."

Coming into the league as a first-rounder, criticism is to be expected, but it takes maturity to block outside noise and focus on improvement.

"If you ask me any goals, it's to be better than last year," Ruggs said. "That's the biggest thing, just improvement and improving everything every year. That's what I want to do. Last year is in the past. I guess it was probably frustrating at times, but like I said, that's in the past and now we build on it."

For the first time, Ruggs will have a typical offseason where he can interact with the coaches, learn the playbook's ins and outs, and build chemistry with his fellow teammates.

Last year Ruggs might have done many things that don't show up on the stat sheet, but this year, he's out to prove doubters wrong and put a staple on his selection in the first round of last year's draft.

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