NFL Expert Compares Hunter Renfrow to Julian Edelman

NFL expert Jim Mora Jr. compared the Las Vegas Raiders Hunter Renfrow to retiring New England Patriot Julian Edelman

Henderson, Nev.—The NFL has a litany of players who define the toughness and versatility on and off the field,and exemplify what it means to be a professional football player.

Recently, Sports Illustrated's Patriot Maven's Alain Poupart was speaking exclusively with Jim Mora Jr. about the retirement of the great Julian Edelman. Edelman is one of the players referred to above.

"Guys like that (Edelman) fall through the cracks because of measurables, because he doesn't necessarily measure out the way that scouts think that he should measure out," Mora said. "He gets drafted because coaches say, wait a minute now, we understand the measures but look at the tape, look at the talent on tape."

Edelman's storied career blossomed as he did his job diligently.

"He steps into the correct system for him," Mora said. "He has coaches who recognize the traits he has, and they utilize those traits, and then he works his tail off. 

"It all goes back to that toughness and that work ethic. He decides he's going to be great and he decides he's going to do everything he can to be great. And he's put in a situation where he's allowed to be great and people are going to accentuate the positive." 

Mora's comments were undoubtedly interesting on Edelman. But, he compared Edelman to a current Las Vegas Raider, and the comparison was pure genius.

"There's a guy like that in the league right now in Hunter Renfrow with the Las Vegas Raiders," Mora said. "If you looked at Hunter Renfrow early in his career, you go, how's this guy doing it? I interviewed him when he was coming out of Clemson, I'm like, this guy's gonna be a heck of a banker in a few years. And now he's tearing it up on third down."

The praise from Mora for the Silver and Black's star was on-point and accurate. Mora gave the comparison even more clarity. 

"I don't think you can ever underestimate the heart and the toughness, the determination, and then the coach's ability to see through some of the lack of measurables and put him in position to do what he does best, and that's what everyone always did with Julian Edelman," Mora added.

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