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Ravens Notebook: Lamar Jackson Facing ... Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens play Broncos in Week 13.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — There was some panic among Ravens fans when they saw Lamar Jackson was playing for the Denver Broncos.

Obviously, it was a different Lamar Jackson but it still caused concern for people who peripherally follow the game. 

Lamar Jackson, the cornerback who signed with the Jets as an undrafted rookie in 2020 from  Nebraska, recently signed with the practice squad of the Broncos, who play the Ravens in Week 13. 

Lamar Jackson, the quarterback, was amused by the confusion. 

"People were crying, whining in my DMs," Jackson said about the confused fans. "It was like, ‘That’s not me.’ It is what it is, though. I’m here; he’s there. I’m good.”

The Ravens quarterback had previously heard about a player sharing his name years ago. But this will be the first time they play against one another. 

"I’ve actually seen it, so then I saw it was Denver, and then they put my picture up," Jackson said. "I don’t know why [they put my picture up], but I guess because we’re playing them this week.”

Getting Play Clock Straightened Out

The Ravens are confident they've solved some of their issues with the clock and calling the plays in a timely manner. 

Baltimore was hit with another delay-of-game penalty last week against Jacksonville. 

"That play clock was just going down. We were calling the plays, guys run on the field … We’ve just got to speed our process up," Jackson said. "[If] we speed our process up, I feel we’ll be fine [and] we won’t be having to (claps hands) rush the snap and stuff like that.”

Calling the plays so late can be disruptive to the offense, It's been an area of frustration for Jackson. 

However, sometimes the late snap can catch opponents off-guard. 

“Sometimes it can help the play because the defense might not be ready," Jackson said. "They might think we might get a delay of game or something like that. So, sometimes it helps, but sometimes our guys might get out of whack or something like that. [It’s] bittersweet, bittersweet – I’ll say.”

Halftime Ring of Honor Induction Ceremony

Ravens offensive lineman Marshal Yanda will be inducted into the Ravens Ring of Honor during halftime. 

Considered one of the greatest to ever wear a Baltimore uniform, Yanda played 13 NFL seasons – all with the Ravens – earning eight Pro Bowl nods and two first-team All-Pro honors, while helping Baltimore capture the 2012 Super Bowl XLVII Championship.

“It means a lot. It’s a big deal," coach John Harbaugh said. "Being in the Ring of Honor in this organization is a career accomplishment. It’s something that I think many guys cherish, and all the guys that play here – or coach here – look at those guys in kind of a high degree of respect. Marshal [Yanda] is one of those guys. 

"He’s at the top of the list. Just to have the chance to coach him for 13 years, to be with him every day for 13 years was a high honor. So, it’s great seeing him. He had great words for the team, and it’ll be a great moment for him, and for his family, and for all the fans on Sunday.”