What States have the Most New Orleans Saints Fans on Twitter?

Where New Orleans Saints fans on Twitter come from and who's not on the list.
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New Orleans Saints have one of the most passionate and unique fanbases in the National Football League. The appeal of Drew Brees, Sean Payton, Alvin Kamara, and Michael Thomas over the years has given way to a climb in recent television broadcast ratings and merchandising sales of jerseys and paraphernalia, it's proof that Saints fans have an influence. 

Many would believe the team's appeal on the Who Dat Nation is restricted to Louisiana and surrounding gulf coast states. On the contrary. According to Pickswise, but the New Orleans Saints have a strong contingent of fans and admirers in several surprising states. 


Pickswise is a sports betting website that sent me data on New Orleans Saints fans and where they reside. This week, they released research using Twitter data to gauge where fans are following NFL teams. The methodology is not purely scientific since they performed an analysis of one social media platform "to discover where each 32 NFL team's supporters were located." Here are their findings of where the Saints have a majority of enthusiasts.

More Who Dats per capita resided in fifteen states and one state leads Louisiana. Yes, Louisiana. The state? Florida. The Sunshine State tops the list, followed by Louisiana, Minnesota, Texas, and California.  

It's not entirely shocking if they use fans per capita as their baseline. If you are from Louisiana, you already are aware state's upper portion has a strong Dallas Cowboys following. An abundance of Who Dats call Louisiana's southern region home. Still, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida produce many of the Black and Gold's devotees. 

The Who Dat Nation is far and wide. 

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New Orleans Saints' Top Fans by State on Twitter (per capita of football fans in the state):

  1. Florida  
  2. Louisiana  
  3. Minnesota  
  4. Texas
  5. California
  6. Mississippi  
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. District of Columbia
  9. New York
  10. Georgia
  11. Utah
  12. Arizona
  13. Alabama
  14. Tennessee
  15. Kentucky

Any surprises? It was Minnesota for me. Especially after the Minneapolis Miracle and haunting playoff losses, New Orleans received because of the Vikings. The numbers in Minnesota could be from their faithful tweeting and re-tweeting the Minnesota Miracle. Who knows for sure?    

Other surprises were Utah, New York, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Utah followers may be from the Taysom Hill effect and his loyalists from his BYU days. 

Arkansas was missing from the list.  Also, Pickswise did not share why these states had New Orleans Saints fans on Twitter and if the research was about the number of postings, re-tweets, mentions, articles, videos, media, memes, and more.

No matter the data, research, or who's counting the number of pins in the voodoo dolls, the diehard New Orleans Saints fans live in New Orleans and the surrounding states. Period.

Nevertheless, the Who Dat Nation will forever be the most recognizable and uncommon set of fans in NFL history. Even more, it caused the NFL had to trademark Saints fans' favorite phrase, "Who Dat!" That's powerful.