Jim Mora, Jr. talks New Orleans Saints Draft Strategy

Jim Mora, Jr. visited with Bayou Blitz hosts Bob Rose and Kyle T. Mosley about the New Orleans Saints draft and salary-cap strategies.
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Jim Mora, Jr. visited with Bayou Blitz hosts Bob Rose and Kyle T. Mosley about the New Orleans Saints draft and salary-cap strategies.

On the Saints Getting Under the Cap

And they've done an amazing job. They really have. It was not an easy task. They had a lot of work to do, and they got the work done, and you know they did a great job of getting key players resigned restructuring contracts. 

Obviously, there's a culture there that players want to be a part of; they're willing to take maybe a little bit of a home team discounted to stay with Mickey to stay with Sean to be in that environment to live in that city. And I think that they've done a good job, it's obvious that they have a plan. 

It's obvious that they work well together. It's obvious that they share the same vision for that team. And when those things are in alignment, then you've got a chance to always reload rather than rebuild, and I know that's what Mickey's attitude is, and we know for sure that Sean's attitude. Sean's never accepted losing, and it's one of the great things about the New Orleans Saints at this point in time.

Are the Saints Super Bowl or Playoff Contenders?

Well, I think it's a playoff contender. I mean, I think so much remains to be seen about quarterbacks, you know, this is such a major transition from Drew Brees who's been the face of that franchise along with Sean for so long. We've had so much success he's had such a great impact not only on that team in that franchise but that city, and now all of a sudden, we're kind of stepping into the unknown. And there's a lot to be learned, and I can't say it's all going to be smooth sailing. It's not, but I would say this to people that are worried. 

It's okay to be worried. It's not going to be the same team, you don't have Drew Brees, you can't count on him, but you've got a head coach who's a master. He's going to adapt that offense and adapt that team to fit the skill set of the quarterbacks that he's going to use. 

I'm sure he'll use it again, so it won't look the same, but that doesn't mean it won't be as effective. There will be some. There are some hurdles you have to get over. There'll be some stumbling blocks. Still, I think they've got the men in place, and I think they've got the organizational structure in place and the vision in place to remain a contender at all times, and I'll tell you what once you get to the playoffs. Man, anything can happen.

Players he likes for the Saints to Draft

You know they've got, they've got five of the top 133 picks, so they're going to get five good players. But I think, wide receiver, I think linebacker, those are positions they can add. I think always being concerned with your offensive line is a factor.  

You got to add your defense, I think there's a couple of quality defensive back-type players that can help them anytime you can add speed, and I think at some point in the draft, you know, maybe a quarterback. Maybe someone that fits this the profile of what would Sean's looking for.

You know I was going through some of these names and trying to think about how they would fit into a Saints style of offense. And, I tell you what one name became very intriguing to me. And that was Ian Book out of Notre Dame.  

Let me tell you why he's number one. He's a winner. He's the winningest starting quarterback in Notre Dame history, and they've had some pretty darn good ones. Number two, he has that mobility that Shawn likes to be able to throw from the pocket and move in the pocket, get out of the pocket. He's not a big guy; he's got a little bit shorter stature. Sean's used to dealing with that with Drew Brees. I think he is a smart guy. Now there's some inconsistency in his play. That's why he's not one of the top-ranked guys, but I think there's some traits there and some intangibles that they could work with and he might be a guy that they're able to get in that third round and take 98 or 105. 

Maybe they take a chance there. There's some other guys I like. Trask I like. Davis Mills I like. Feleipe Franks. These aren't those guys you hear about every single day, but they're players that are good players you got, Jamie.

Should the Saints move up, stay put, or move back in the draft?

It all depends on the conviction they have on the players on their board when it comes time to make that decision. And it's so fluid, as you guys know, you can have the best-laid plans, and then somebody makes a pick in front of you that changes everything you're thinking. Whether they pass on a guy that you never thought would be there, when maybe you're in a position where you can move up and pick or as you get to your pick, there's five or six players that you go, 'Man, we'd be perfectly happy with any of these guys we're going to stay put.'

And we're going to take them, or, let's say, there's, there's five players on your board and your two picks away from your pick, and someone calls and says, hey, 'we want to move up to your spot.' And we're going to give you an additional pick late, and you go well. Okay, that's great, but if I lose one of these five players, I'm not going to be happy, but the chances are that if I move back, I'm still going to get one of these guys that I value. I'm going to take the risk, and I'm going to move back I'm going to pick up a pick, and I'm still going to get this player that I wanted.

And those are the discussions and scenarios that are going on in the draft rooms across the country right now. All of the what-ifs. What if this happens, what if that happens, ifs, ands, or buts, different scenarios.  

I mean, they're being played out over hours and hours and hours so you're not just evaluating players and setting your board. You're going through every scenario that could potentially happen in the first couple of rounds it will affect your draft position and who you may choose.


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