Mickey Loomis Talks Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill

Saints GM Mickey Loomis had plenty to say on Thursday's interview on The Adam Schein Podcast, including his thoughts on the Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill quarterback battle and last year's possible pursuit of Tom Brady.
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Saints general manager Mickey Loomis joined Adam Schein on Thursday on SiriusXM’s The Adam Schein Podcast. The full 30-minute podcast can be heard here, as it appeared on Mad Dog Radio Sports Radio. Loomis talked about the team's 2017 draft class, Drew Brees, Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, and also briefly commented on Tom Brady rumors.

On Expectations of Jameis Winston

“Well, you know, first of all, look he's going to be in a competition with Taysom (Hill). So, you know, we're really excited and high on Taysom just as we are on Jameis and it's going to be interesting to see how that, you know, shakes out. Listen, Jameis has been fantastic and you have these impressions of guys afar, that when you get them in your building, you really learn a lot about them. And he did just fantastic. Fantastic as a teammate, fantastic representative of the organization. He's a smart, smart football player. He's hardworking. Just everything you would want. So I'm excited to see how this shakes out. We got a great room there with those two guys and Ian Book who we drafted and Trevor Siemian who's on our team. So I'm excited to see how that all shakes out because those guys are all about winning and we'll see what happens.”

Taysom Hill runs vs Falcons

Taysom Hill vs. Falcons

On Taysom Hill's Upside

“Well look, he’s a tremendous athlete, number one. He’s got a tremendous arm. He’s got tremendous speed, strength. Smart football player. Look, for what he’s done for us, to date, he has just been a great football player. I think he can be, you know, a really top-flight tight end. He can be a top-flight H-back in our league. And so first of all he’s a really great football player, but he’s got mobility. We’ve all seen him run the ball. Catch the ball. He can throw it. He’s got a lot of God-given talent. And he’s a smart football player as well, and he’s got good leadership skills. So, we’re going to see how all this shakes out, but we’re definitely high on Taysom.”

Loomis was also asked about whether or not the Saints pursued Tom Brady, because that's been a huge topic of conversation lately in this NFL offseason.

Loomis said, “All I can say is this, as soon as Drew made the decision that he was gonna play again last year, then that’s the route we were going. That’s probably all I’m gonna say to that.”

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