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BLEAV in Saints: How to Salvage the Season

The Saints dropped their fourth-straight game of the season against the Bills, and we've officially hit the panic button. How does New Orleans rebound against the Cowboys and salvage their postseason aspirations?

The Saints are in a bad spot in their season with six games left to play, and they desperately need to pull out a victory. Terrance Copper and I bring you the latest BLEAV in Saints podcast to talk about the loss to the Bills, and how things need to look against the Cowboys to get back into the win column.

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In This Episode...

  • Breaking down the Bills loss on Thanksgiving.
  • How the swap to Taysom Hill will impact the offense.
  • What the mood may be like in the Saints locker room and the need for a player's only meeting.
  • What Sean Payton was like in Dallas versus New Orleans.
  • Just get into the postseason.

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