Deshaun Watson on the message he has for the newest Texans additions to the roster

Patrick D. Starr

With the Houston Texans showing they are committed to quarterback Deshaun Watson, he is taking the lead on the message sent to the newest players added to the roster. With plenty of new faces added to the roster, the Texans have added veteran skill players to help Watson take the next step mentally, and those players like David Johnson, Randall Cobb, and Brandin Cooks understand whey they are here, to help Watson. 

Watson sat down with KHOU's Daniel Gotera to discuss multiple topics, and when asked what message he sends to his newest teammates, his answer was simple. 

"That we're going compete," Watson said to Gotera.

The Texans have been a winning football team with Watson at the helm, in 37 games with him as the starting quarterback. The Texans are 24-13 in the regular-season. They have also made two playoff appearances in the past seasons with Watson as the full-time starter. 

Watson wants one thing, and that is winning, that means his teammates need to do the same thing in everything they do when it comes to football. 

"We want to win," Watson continued. "And we want to win and everything that we do."

Watson added, "Regardless if it is the meeting room if it is nutrition if it is bodywork, health. Everything that we do we want to win, you got to have that attitude in a positive way, bring other people along with us."

There have been questions swirling on Watson's commitment to the organization with the team trading away star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins before the start of the new league year. 

The Texans have continued contract discussions with Watson, and the quarterback is focusing on football, knowing those discussions are currently taking place. 

With the exit of Hopkins and the Texans working on showing their commitment to one of the top young signal-callers in the game in Watson, he views the Texans as one thing, a family. 

"We are one big family," Watson explained. "We are one big team. If we can all do it together, we can't be stopped."

Daniel Gotera of KHOU helped contribute to this article.

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