Quotes of Notes: Jets on Facing Titans

A roundup of what coach Robert Saleh and some of his players and assistants had to say about Sunday's contest at MetLife Stadium.

At 0-3, the New York Jets hardly have been the talk of the NFL through the first three weeks of the season.

In fact, they are one of just three AFC teams that have yet to win a game. One other is the Indianapolis Colts, who the Tennessee Titans defeated in Week 3.

Sunday in New York, the Titans will attempt the keep another team out of the win column when they meet the Jets at MetLife Stadium.

Here is a roundup of some of what Jets players and coaches had to say in recent days about the Titans and this contest, via NewYorkJets.com:

• Wide receiver Corey Davis, on facing his former team: “It's a big week for us and that's really all I'm focused on. I'm not focused on me being there, was there, whatever it may be. It's a big week for us so we've got to handle business.”

• Linebacker C.J. Mosley, on quarterback Ryan Tannehill: “We have to do a great job of setting our edges and fitting our gaps and being great tacklers, especially not letting the ball get to the second level and not letting runs go for explosives and keeping (QB Ryan) Tannehill contained. When he doesn't get his read, he's looking to run the ball.”

• Coach Robert Saleh, on Ryan Tannehill: “He’s a quarterback. He plays quarterback. And when I say that I mean he plays the game and manages it the way it needs to be played. He will take shots when he needs to. He gets the ball in and out of his hands. He’s very, very smart with the football. He can run. He was a top 10 pick, and with this offense he’s really found a niche for himself and found his way. He is everything that I think people thought when he was drafted in that first round.”

• Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, on Tennessee’s offense: "It goes back to being able to handle Derrick Henry. As a runner, he is a problem. Then once he gets going, their play-action becomes a problem, and they don't even get to third down. It all starts with stopping the run."

• Mosley, on Tennessee’s offense: “A great run team that likes to throw the ball off their play-action as well. If we can get them in second- and third-and-long, that's definitely going to be in our favor. Do our best to keep Big Henry contained and then get after the quarterback when we can."

• Saleh, on Tennessee’s offense: I think anytime you play a superstar or someone of his caliber it’s an exciting challenge. … But it’s no different than playing Denver’s run game, which is pretty darn good. We’ve got to step up to the challenge. We’ve got to bring our hard hats and get ready to stop the run, set the line of scrimmage, set the wall and then take care of their play-action pass and boot game, which is one of the better ones in football. There’s a lot besides (Henry) that this offense presents, but obviously (Henry) is the focal point and he’s the one that makes everything work.”

• Special teams coordinator Brant Boyer, on Johnny Townsend replacing Brett Kern as punter: “He kicks a different ball than Kern does. But I still think that he's a very effective guy, he's got a big leg. Certainly, if he's in there, then there's some adjusting and adjustments to be made. … Kern is one of the best in the league in my opinion."

• Saleh, on the Titans’ run game: They’ve got great conviction in running the football. It looks like it’s simple but it actually gives a lot of issues for a defense.

• Mosley, on Derrick Henry’s stiff arm: “We all know the stiff arm is coming, so our guys on the edge, our DBs, when and if he does break on the sideline, break on the field, having everybody run to the ball and trying to gang tackle. That's what it's all about on defense, everybody running to the ball."

• Saleh, on Derrick Henry: “Have you guys ever seen him in person? Ever? Wait until you see this one. He is a massive human being. … When this man gets rolling, he is all of whatever height he is and size. He looks like an offensive lineman carrying the football. He’s a load. He’s deserving of all the accolades he’s gotten.”