Compton, Lewan Weigh in on Logo Kerfuffle

Titans linebacker concedes the Ravens got the last laugh, believes Baltimore won't last much longer in the NFL playoffs.
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“Touché” was the only word that came to mind for Will Compton.

That is what the Tennessee Titans linebacker thought as he watched the Baltimore Ravens dance on the midfield logo at Nissan Stadium following cornerback Marcus Peters’ interception. Tennessee’s season ended after Tannehill’s pass, intended for Kalif Raymond, found its way into Peters’ hands.

The game-sealing moment provided the Ravens an opportunity to exact revenge for the Week 11 scuffle over the Titans breaking down pre-game on Baltimore’s logo.

“Touché,” Compton said this week on his podcast Bussin’ With The Boys. “When we come out as a team, we break it down every game in the middle of the field. Since I’ve been here the Titans break it down midfield.”

Compton and podcast partner Taylor Lewan simply see it as a pre-game ritual. The Ravens thought it was so disrespectful that they ran off the field without attempting to shake hands with any players from the Titans.

“For the last five years, that’s how it’s always been done,” Lewan said. “You got to the middle of the coliseum, it’s us against them type of vibe. That’s what you’re doing.”

Compton added: “It’s not on disrespectful (expletive). Just on, we break it down midfield.”

Regardless, Compton conceded, at the very least, he can understand where the Ravens are coming from with their feelings towards the Titans tradition. And he acknowledges how the perceived disrespect could serve as motivation for Baltimore heading into the game.

“They had bulletin board material all week long,” Compton said. “When he made that play, and (Peters) did that, tou-(expletive)-ché, that’s a good chirp back for what you thought we were doing.

“... When the game was over, they were all sprinting back to the locker room. Trying to grab their teammate to not (shake hands) or nothing.”

In the end, the disrespect narrative seems to be only carried by the Ravens. The Titans’ pre-game ritual isn’t specific to them, or anyone in general, but to Baltimore, it continues to be a personal affair.

And Compton takes some solace in believing that he will receive his opportunity to clap back when – or if – the Ravens, who face Buffalo in the divisional round Saturday night, lose in the playoffs.

“You know what? Listen, the Ravens are not winning the Super Bowl,” Compton asserted. “So I'll get to put the Jordon crying faces on them chirping us on the logo on all of the players that did that and drop it when they lose.”

The Ravens took the logo mishap personally in Week 11, and it served as motivation during Wild Card weekend. And in the end, Baltimore seems to have had the last laugh - for now.